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  1. Padgett

    Not sure

    I think I know but..replacing tranny filter,79 filter I pulled out is square the one I got is not..but bolts line up the same way...can I use...
  2. Padgett


    Horn cig lighter dome light short..I put the fuse in dome light stays on..who's the pro
  3. Padgett

    New here again..

    If I screw up please forgive me..but I will catch on ...And Welcome to 2017. You woke up..lol
  4. Padgett

    I just dont get it..brake problem

    ANYBODY ..no leaks,new pads,all calipers working gravity bled 3 times in order, smashed on pedal to reset proportioning valve. still.. when i hit brakes front right grabs turning the steering wheel to the right .and i mean FAST...is my master cylinder shot or is the valve gone??? ive never in...
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