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  1. Bioscache2

    Substitute Part

    Hey gang, my retainer spring on my front air dam (the part that deflects the air up into the radiator) snapped and the part is obsolete now so GM doesn't make it. I'm sure there is a substitute part or spring I can use. Any ideas? I did a search for the part #10400760 and might have found one...
  2. Bioscache2

    2001 front Air Dam retainer Spring

    Folks, looking for a fron air dam retainer spring for my 01 vette. The part number is 10400760. If you know where one might be, let me here it. Thanks.
  3. Bioscache2

    Help! Sinking HUD

    So today I got in to drive to work and noticed my HUD was low on the windshield. I adjusted and went on my way, then I got in to go home from work and I noticed the same thing, only this time it has shifted so much that at all the way up it is still so low as to partially drop below my vision...
  4. Bioscache2

    Supporting membership canceled?

    I got a notice today saying my supporting membership had been canceled? What's up?
  5. Bioscache2

    Front Wheel Bearing

    Back in February I had my car in the shop for a new water pump. The service man mentioned that he thought he heard one of my front wheel bearings going. I drove around a lot while swerving to test for the noise but couldn't hear anything. Fast forward to today and I definitely heard a...
  6. Bioscache2

    Battery Draw

    Recently I've had some problems with my starter seeming a little sluggish on start up. It's been cold so I suspected the battery but autozone tested it and says it was good, just low. I've been monitoring the volts and the car seems to try and be charging the battery a lot at start up (14.5...
  7. Bioscache2

    Hesitation under acceleration

    I have a 2001 Coupe, manual with approx 120k miles on it. Recently it has been experiencing hesitation, which could be even described as a shuddering, under moderate to heavy acceleration. It doesn't happen all the time, as its most prominent in lower rpms, 1.5k and below, all but disappearing...
  8. Bioscache2

    Help! Car starts but would not run, weird

    This was very strange and although the car is now fine I'm worried it will happen again, dealer could offer no explanation. Car is an 01 coupe with a manual transmission and 110k miles on it. I had driven the car back and forth to work and it presented with no issues. Then I went out to...
  9. Bioscache2

    Recommendations for a bike

    Hi all, I'm looking to get either a new or slightly used sport bike, probably a mid sized engine series since I'm a relatively new rider (only ridden smaller dirt-bikes before, never had a street bike). At the same time since I'm a corvette owner you can probably guess what I want in the bike...
  10. Bioscache2

    New menu up top

    I like the new look but how come not all of the forums are accessible from the pull down menu, like the edge for example? Or am I just missing something?
  11. Bioscache2

    electrical problems

    Recently the battery has been too weak to start the car. It hasn't been completely dead as the lights and movable seat still work, but it won't start occasionally, requiring a jump. I replaced the battery (when the old battery was only a year old) and the problem still persists. Everytime I...
  12. Bioscache2

    Brake pads

    So I got these new brake pads put on over the summer at the recommendation of my mechanic (who did great work by the way, Corvettes of Westchester up in NY) and they worked great but it appears that the back pads are worn already. I hear the chreeching of the wear indicators on both sides and...
  13. Bioscache2

    From F45 to Z06 shocks possible

    From F45 to Z06 shocks possible? Well, as I guessed in my other post, my f45 shocks have died. If I replace them with z06 shocks (or Bilsteins) will the car throw a code because its looking for the electronic f45 shocks and worse, will it put the car in sometype of safety mode? I'd like to do...
  14. Bioscache2

    Shocks and tires

    Ok two part question here. I did a quick search but the info was either dated (wrt prices) or not completely answered. The first is I think its time to replace my shocks. I have the F45 on an 01 coupe w/ 70k. I've heard that I can upgrade to F55, does anyone know the price. Also, if I...
  15. Bioscache2

    Turning signal problems

    Recently I've been having problems with my turning signals. They intermittently won't work. I'll depress the lever but nothing happens (the same happens for going the opposite way). The lights don't blink and the arrow indicators on the dash don't come on. If I return the lever and use the...
  16. Bioscache2

    A new twist on turbo's

    Saw this the other day and was wondering if anyone has heard or had any experience with it. Seems like an interesting idea. http://www.ststurbo.com/ They do remote mounted turbos and have a twin turbo setup for the vette.
  17. Bioscache2

    WTB one OEM polished rear rim, 2001

    I need to replace one of my rims. Its the rear one so 18", forged aluminum polished, thanks.
  18. Bioscache2

    Cracked Rim

    I recently put on new tires and when I did the tire guy said he found a very small crack in the rear left rim. He said it was only visible from the inside and dirt had accumulated signifying it had been there a little bit. I never really had a problem with low air (maybe had to put air in once...
  19. Bioscache2

    Gremlins in the car, help?

    I think Gremlins have gotten into my car. On a long drive over here I had the speedometer suddenly crap out on me and jump all around + or - 10 what I was actually doing, and then it it went back to normal and hadn't had any event until tonight when I went to start my car and nothing happened...
  20. Bioscache2

    WTB ZO6 exhuast

    Looking to buy a ZO6 cat back exhuast system.
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