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  1. PaulV

    99 Key FOB Issues - Help!

    CAC Members, I'm having an issue that started with my FOB, initially my FOB stopped working so I programmed it holding the LOCK & UNLOCK buttons until the Horn sounds. Then I noticed that the car would lock & un-lock on it's own, so I changed the battery for the FOB and reprogrammed using the...
  2. PaulV

    1996 SYS Light Blinking?

    On my way home tonight the SYS light started blinking. Suggestions?????????:eyerole
  3. PaulV

    Tire & Wheel Questions

    I am interested in replacing my Wheels & Tires on my 99 Vert. I am looking at Cray HAWK Chrome Wheels and Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 ZP tires. I would like to go one-up on the wheel sizes, 18"F and 19"R but I'm not sure on tire size? This is what I am seeing on the CAC and other Vette Forums and...
  4. PaulV

    Question: Hub Covers

    I am considering Hub Covers for my C5. Does anyone have any experience with installing them, etc.. I have heard several people say that they cause the brakes to over-heat??:confused PaulV
  5. PaulV

    Help! Radio Code

    Dead Battery replaced, now the Radio is out, 96 Coupe. How do I find the Code?:confused
  6. PaulV

    Trouble posting photos from my PC

    EDIT: Instructions for inserting a FULL SIZE image in your post begins in Post#11 below! -Jane Ann
  7. PaulV

    Question - Tire Pressure

    I have a 93 w/OEM tires, what should the Tire Pressure be when cold??:confused
  8. PaulV


    I have a 93 Conv., trying to determine the proper operation of the Cooling Fans? At what temp do they come-on and shut-off, etc...:confused
  9. PaulV

    In the market for a Battery Tender

    Anyone know who has the best prices???;shrug
  10. PaulV

    Help! 1999 Telescoping steering colum won't move

    When I insert the key everything moves to the memory position except the steering colum. If I try to use the manual up/down switch for the colum it moves maybe 1/2 inch in either direction...............Any Ideas?? :confused
  11. PaulV

    Courtesy lights issue

    Just noticed today, when you un-lock the car the courtesy lights are NOT coming on?? They should come on and stay on until you open the door??Any ideas !! :confused
  12. PaulV

    New Member

    Hello CAC Members, Paul V from the great state of CT:thumb
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