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    ...I feel like buying these so no clones are perceived!

    Oops looks like you have a higher bid and I'm just driving up the price....I'll let you have it and will send you $ for it
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    ...I feel like buying these so no clones are perceived!

    Just want 007 for the garage lift, thx These are real leftovers right if not I do not want one
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    ...I feel like buying these so no clones are perceived!

    Chris...I would like 007 if you don't want it .... would look good in the garage
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    Remote Screw Size

    Ok, stupid question. One of my cars - the 96 OEM Key Fob/Remote has 2 screws in the back...that was until I went to change the battery on the remote with a 2 year old around. They mysteriously grew wings. Since none of the other remotes I have use the screws (they are interlocking tabs) can...
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    ...ok, who bought a Callaway today?

    I'll swap the wheels for you - no problem...
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    New 100+ Kit in production

    Pictures of the work just for Pete... The final step to 100+hp ...who knew it was so easy on the new cars :chuckle Hopefully coming back soon to the C4s too :D
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    Truck to Bowling Green - help needed

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    LT4 F/S LT4 Crank

    LT4 Crank in Lunati Box....Nothing wrong with it, Callaway removed it and upgraded to a 3430 Forged. Taking up room in the house... Make an offer via PM
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    Youngest Member of the Callaway Owners Group

    Chris, Just wanted to say a very warm thank you from Erin and I for the special delivery :blue: ... the grin on Erin's face was priceless when she showed me his new outfit! I think this is the youngest member :D ?? Thank you VERY much! Best Regards, Mark
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    FS: 1994-1996 Borla Exhaust

    For Sale - 1994-1996 Borla Exhaust System (CatBack) Complete. Used for 2000 miles. Located in Dallas Texas and you are welcome to come look at it Make an offer Thank you, Mark
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    Brackets needed

    Gents, Anyone have an extra set of Hardtop Brackets for a 92-96 convertible for sale? Mine are in storage somewhere and I'm not have much luck finding them. Thanks
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    1991 Callaway Exhaust For Sale

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask so if not someone please move the post to the correct area....thank you My exhaust from the 1991 B2K is sitting at Callaway about to be returned to Dallas. It is everything from just after the CATs to the back included (no CATS included). If you are...
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    Run Flat Rim Needed

    If anyone has an extra Left Callaway Runflat rim please let me know. One of my sets (sitting in the garage) has 3 rights and 1 left so I need to trade a Right or just buy a Left one. Either way. Thank you for checking...
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    2000 Lingenfelter 427 C5 Looking for advice and a buyer

    If anyone can help, a friend of mine is trying to determine fair market value on a 2000 Corvette C-5 6-Speed Millennium Yellow with Black Interior with 11,918 miles. If you are interested in the vehicle I can provide the address and phone number. This vehicel is in California and I have not...
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    1996 Callaway CE For Sale??

    Anyone looking for a 1996 Callaway Collectors Edition Convertible (both tops) with Aerobody, Callaway car cover, and Callaway Runflat wheels please send me an email. The price would be extremely reasonable and we are taking offers. The car is in EXCELLENT shape and you are more than welcome...
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    C6 Aerobody Opinions

    What are your thoughts on a a new C6 Aerobody? What styling cues from existing or concept cars would you like to see the C6 Aerobody lean towards? (Whether or not you've seen the concept sketches) Personally, I'm partial to the Super Speedster look :_rock They are timeless!
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    SNAT Driving/Turn Lenses and Taillights

    Show me your taillights and headlights.... :) Just had my taillights and driving /turn lights removed and reinstalled and think they need to be redone. They look different on each of my Callaways.....so can someone please show me which one in correct. Below is my 94 SNAT taillights with...
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    New addition

    Well, my wife decided I had enough toys and it was her turn. Her 1996 Collectors Edition arrived today. It was too dark to take pics really. BTW, If anyone wants to buy the OZ wheels, make me an offer. I will be putting run flats on it next weekend. Mark
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    Electric Exhaust Cut Outs

    Anyone have this on their LT1 or LT4 corvettes? Pictures, links, pro/cons, would be interesting.... Anyone ever done this on Borla CATback systems? Thanks
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