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  1. J

    can anyone identify this smog pump?

    picked up this smog or A.I.R. pump for a rebuild. I was told it came from a 1987 corvette. typical part numbers for the fan - 7838710, rear casting - 7834922, and a date code/identifier 8085GM/A2A. not sure how to read the code-identifier. can anyone identify this puppy?
  2. J

    alternator case refinish -

    while my NCRS days are long gone, I still strive to keep things looking "factory." I recently rebuilt an alternator for my 85 daily driver, and tried something, while it may not be unique, was something I stumbled across during the case refinish. i know bead blasting may be controversial, but...
  3. J

    WTB - 1985 door sill trim - drivers side

    need an 84 thru 87 door sill trim panel (non-carpeted) - LH or drivers side. prefer graphite, but i can repaint. PM or email with price plus shipping to 44685. TIA - JoeC
  4. J

    F/S - Corsa x-pipe - new in the box

    F/S - new corsa x-pipe for C5. $225 delivered. PM if interested. Joe C
  5. J

    (FWIW) co-worker just heard...

    a co-worker just stopped by and said he heard a news brief on the radio about the new z06 - said the base price was at 60K. remember FWIW
  6. J

    15 year old drove my '85

    my 15 year old grandson got his temps last week. yesterday, i took him out and let him drive my '85. ...a little nervous at first (both of us ;) - i think my son and his wife were a little nervous too), but when we got back to their house, it took an hour to wipe the :D off his face! (actually...
  7. J

    removal of radio/heater (dash/console) bezel

    i want to remove the plastic dash/console bezel around the radio and heater controls. it also goes left to the ignition switch and another small bezel next to the ignition switch. what's the procedure to remove this - looks like it just snaps into place - ??? i don't want to start pulling and...
  8. J

    z06/c6r video

    hope this isn't a repeat - http://videos.streetfire.net/video/index.asp?fileid=4BE20483-E498-423D-BE11-5800F4BF81BB Joe C
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