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  1. Vetteforfun

    A/C interior leak?

    Yesterday it was not raining and it was hot and very humid. I was running the AC. As we were riding along, my wife, riding in the passenger seat, said her feet were getting wet. It was a small drip until I turned left, then it would increase significantly. I thought I read something about...
  2. Vetteforfun

    1st to 4th shift

    My car has a 6 speed. At low RPM's from 1st gear, it trys to force me into 4th gear. What's the deal with this? I suppose it's to save gas, but it drives me crazy. Is there a way to get around this aggravating inconvenience?:hb
  3. Vetteforfun

    HUD won't stay fully illuminated

    My HUD brightness goes from full to about half and it stays that way until I shut the car off and restart. But then then the display dims again within a minute or two. Any one have thoughts as to what this may be related to?;help
  4. Vetteforfun

    Can a top be repaired?

    The only scratch on my car is on the clear top. It's a pretty aggressive abrasion. Can this type of scatch be repaired? Will I have to replace the top? Anyone had anything like this repaired? If so, how and how much? Thanks for any input.
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