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  1. Blu ByU

    FS: Corsa Touring with Classic Tips

    These were sold to me by mistake, they were supposed to be the Pace Car system. I was told they have approx 6000 miles on them. Tips are in very good condition, pipes look unused, and there is a small amount of black overspray on the mufflers that can't be seen once installed. Missing the two...
  2. Blu ByU

    Needed: Gear indicator thingy

    I need the white plastic part that indicates what gear the car is in (automatic). It's for a 78 if that matters. Thanks.
  3. Blu ByU

    Pics of my "new" 78 Pace Car

    Picked it up a couple weeks ago, and today was a nice day so I took a few pics. 37000 miles, body in great shape. Gonna work on the interior this winter, and start detailing the engine. Rims need to be restored and pinstriped as well. But I LOVE it! Always wanted a PC, it was actually the...
  4. Blu ByU

    Any Forum members near Rawson, Ohio?

    I'm looking at a Corvette in Rawson Ohio that I'm wanting to buy, but am nervous about buying a car sight unseen. If anybody is near this city that wouldn't mind checking it out for me, I'd be very appreciative. I'll gladly pay you for your time. If you can help out, please email me at...
  5. Blu ByU

    Installed my aluminum instrument bezels

    And LOVE them!! They really dress up the instrument cluster. Huge thanks to my neighbor who helped with the install.
  6. Blu ByU

    94 Admiral Blue Coup, low miles

    Very well cared for and in excellent condition. Automatic with 33774 miles. Runs perfect. Mods include Magnaflow exhaust and SLP cold air induction. I still have the original exhaust and intake, and these will be included. Also have the original fuel rails, the ones on the car are painted...
  7. Blu ByU

    New member of the C5 family

    Finally found what I've been looking for! 2004 CE Coup with 17K miles on the clock. Glad to join you guys! Can ya tell I like blue Vettes? So, what should my first mod be?:w
  8. Blu ByU

    Advice on buying a C5 sight unseen

    As I continue my quest for a C5, I have found several on various sites that are too far away for me to inspect prior to purchase. I have never bought a car I haven't gone over with a fine toothed comb, but I know it's been done in the Corvette world. Just looking for any tips, thanks.
  9. Blu ByU

    WTB: 2000-2004 C5 Coup

    Not in any hurry, but thinking about moving up to a C5, if or when I find what I'm looking for: 2000-2004 C5 Coup, no Z06 Under 50,000 miles $30-35 range Blue or Mag. Red body Shale or Black interior Glass top Side molding HUD Sport seats Light mods OK Auto (preferred) or stick
  10. Blu ByU

    Well dang, my headlight started acting up

    I always joked to my wife that I don't like to drive the Vette at night because I don't want my headlights going bad. I put on a new SLP CAI unit and my wife wanted to test drive it - you guessed it, at night! She even joked that I was letting her do it, she flipped the switch and wouldn't you...
  11. Blu ByU

    Info on stripe kits?

    I'm considering adding black stripes to my baby. Does anybody know a good source for kits? There was a fellow on Ebay selling nice C4 kits, but he has disappeared now that I've decided to do this... Google search doesn't turn up much for C4's either. Any help appreciated!
  12. Blu ByU

    Oil fill tube with "breather"?

    Pardon my ignorance, but what does the Breather do? It's a replacement for the stock oil cap on the valve cover, i'm just not familar with what the breather is for... Any help appreciated!
  13. Blu ByU

    Update on my MagnaFlows - attn: JefNLsa

    Just had my set of MagnaFlows installed this morning, and they rock!! Jeff, thanks so much for the recommendation, they are exactly what I was after as far as looks and sound. As I mentioned, I didn't want the car to sound obnoxiously loud, but wanted a better sound than the stock system...
  14. Blu ByU

    Lifting a C-4

    I've seen a couple references on the forums about damage being done to Corvettes due to improper lifting. I've gone through my owners manual, and all I can find is about using the jack when changing a tire. But what about auto repair places? Is it OK for them to just use a standard car lift...
  15. Blu ByU

    Went topless today!

    65 degrees and sunny in Kansas City today - no wind at all, just a beautiful day. Very unseasonable for this time of year. I couldn't help myself, and took the glass top off for the first time. Cruised around my home town of Liberty - my God does it get any better than this? Finally passed...
  16. Blu ByU

    Aftermarket exhaust system recommendation?

    I'm considering replacing the stock exhaust system on my 94 with something that will SOUND a little better. I'm not worried so much about increasing the performance (though I wouldn't mind) but I would like the car to sound a little throatier (is that a word?). I don't want something that will...
  17. Blu ByU

    My first question - re: 94 Coup

    Yes, I'm a newbie, please bear with me... I just bought my first Corvette, as mentioned above it's a 94 Coup. All other 94's I have looked at either in person or on the Internet have a little black square on the front end, between the fog lamp/blinker lens and the side blinker lens. Mine...
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