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  1. o2bnkc

    What's this?

    What does this hose lead to?
  2. o2bnkc

    Jane Ann

    What happened to Jane Ann? Did she get out of the corvette scene?
  3. o2bnkc

    C5 Radio & CD Changer F/S

    I've got the head unit and 12 disc cd changer from my 02 for sale. The radio has the cassette slot also. They both work great! If anybody is interested, let me know. Thanks.
  4. o2bnkc

    Questions about a 90 ZR1

    We are looking at a 1990 ZR!. The clutch feels like it needs to be adjusted. Are these self adjusting clutches? What is the button for, that says normal power and full power? Is it supposed to be spring loaded? Thanks.
  5. o2bnkc

    Back in the c5 fold

    I'm jazzed!! I just purchased my ultimate c5. Millineum yellow convertible with a six speed and oak top and interior. (2002) My fourth c5 (seventh vette) and I couldn't be more estatic! I've been vetteless for a few months and I was going crazy. This is one sick fetish. I get it delivered in a...
  6. o2bnkc

    another brake light question

    I've got a 65 with no brake lights on the passenger side. It originally had reverse lights but not now. Here is the setup: Outer lights are running lights, turn signals, and brake lights. Inner lights are turn signals and brake lights. The running lights and turn signals work fine. The brake...
  7. o2bnkc

    car show pics

    These are some pics that my seven year old neighbor took at the Lake Tahoe Corvette Show a couple of weeks ago. That's me with my 65 (or half of it) and me with two that got away. Ha! Ha!
  8. o2bnkc

    looking for a 65 front clip

    I just purchased a 65 with a modded front end. It has the stationary headlights and I am looking to restore it back to its original look. Any ideas? Thanks.
  9. o2bnkc

    Removing inner door panel?

    Any instructions here somewhere on how to remove the door panel off a 99? I need to replace my speakers, but don't want to break anything doing it. I don't even know where to start.
  10. o2bnkc

    Speaker question

    Will a pair of front Bose speakers from an 03 work in a 99? Specifically the front woofers is all I need to replace. Is there anywhere on here to find instructions about how to go about pulling the speakers out? Thanks.
  11. o2bnkc

    WTB Front Bose speakers

    I'm looking for a pair of front Bose speakers for a 99.
  12. o2bnkc

    computer help

    All of the sudden everything got BIG! I have to use that little slider thing at the bottom to see the whole window. How do I reduce everything down in size so it all fits? Can you tell I'm not a computer whiz?
  13. o2bnkc

    outside temp sensor

    This is starting to annoy me. My outside temp indicator always reads about 10-12 degrees higher than what the real temperature is. I was told it's just a plug and play device, so I thought I'd just change it and see if that would solve the problem. My problem is that I can't find it! Where the...
  14. o2bnkc

    Restomod next?

    As much as I want to keep this car original, I finally had to put the old Carter AFB on the shelf. I can't believe how much better this car runs with a new Edelbrock on here.Wow! The AFB had been rebuilt twice in the last year and a half, and it still worked like crap. Nothing on it was very...
  15. o2bnkc

    Well I did it..

    I finally broke down and bought another c5. After selling the 01 last year and regretting it almost immediately, I purchased an 02 red convertable with only 22,000 miles on it. Tan interior and top. A real nice car. Anyway, let the cupholder debates begin.:W;LOL
  16. o2bnkc

    brake light problems

    Well, I have been having brake light problems lately, and I thought there was a bad ground somewhere. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. I finally realized it was in the turn signal. If the turn signal lever is in the right spot, they work, if I move it to the center where it is...
  17. o2bnkc

    It doesn't really talk?

    Car From `Knight Rider' Is Up for Sale Monday, April 2, 2007 14:27 PDT DUBLIN, Calif. (AP) -- KITT, the flame-throwing, river-jumping, talking muscle car from the `80s TV show "Knight Rider," is up for sale. Restored to its debut-season glory, the modified black 1982 Pontiac...
  18. o2bnkc

    tach question

    Heard a weird sound in my distributor today, looked down and saw my tach wasn't working. I pulled the disributor and the gears seemed to be working. When I looked at the cable coming from the tach, it was bare, nothing on the end. Is the end of the tach cable that goes into the distibutor...
  19. o2bnkc

    help with the hardtop

    I thought I would put the hardtop on yesterday, but I have a problem. When I put the back bolts through, there is no room to get my hands behind the seats to put the nuts on underneath. Is there a secret trick to this? Any help would be great. Thanks.
  20. o2bnkc

    not so snug vert top

    My soft top has a gap around the back between the body and bottom of the top. It's about "1/4 gap. I don't see a way to adjust the rings on the top or the clips that hold it down. The top is very tight when it is latched down, but I have that gap! It's a fairly new top and I don't think I am...
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