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    Audio Books

    Any suggestions on how to get audio books to work on the C7? No cd player and cannot find a way to play copy on my phone. Thanks
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    modern drive train for 81'

    Any suggestions as to where an 81" can be converted to modern drive train, suspention, etc. Thanks, Bob Lemke MCMLVII
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    Map lights

    I have an 06. Map lights will not go out. Any suggestions? TIA Bob
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    Lighter stopped working

    I have a 2006. Recently I used an adaptor to power a laptop on a trip. Not sure what happened, but I have lost power to the lighter in the ash tray. The power source in the console still works fine. Is there a reset for this lighter? Thanks, MCMLVII
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    Dealership strikes again!

    This morning I noticed a 2" piece of metal sticking out of my C-5 rear tire. I have a tire warranty which covers this type of thing. I took the car to the dealership to have it replaced. After about two hours the dealer called back to say that there was a back log on tires and may take up to...
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    New paint scheme?

    I live around the proving grounds. Today I saw a C6 Zo6 with a paint scheme on the hood that was very much like the carbon fiber hood on the last of the c4. (I think it was the C4). Looked pretty good. Didn't think too much about it, then a little later I saw a regular C6 with this paint job...
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    Power Wash Wheels

    I have a friend that uses a power washer on his C-6 wheels. He says the wheels clean up real well and it is not difficult to do. Anyone else tried it? I am not sure I like the idea of a high pressure spray in there. Any thoughts, before I buy a power sprayer, pro or con? TIA MCMLVII
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    Just picked up a 2006 convertible. Neither window lowers completely into the door. Driver side is up about 1/2" and passenger side is up about 1/8". Is this normal? Thanks, MCMLVII
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    Flaky Gas Gauge... It's baaaack!

    The first part of June the gas gauge on the 2004 C-5 started to jump from full to empty. The problem was a faulty card of some sort in one of the gas tanks. The part was on back order so I was told to keep track of mileage on the trip indicator and fill up when necessary. Not fun on a 2000 mile...
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    Flakey fuel gauge

    I have a 2004 with 18K miles. Filled up yesterday and fuel gauge started to jump around from empty to full then back to empty. Reviewed the archives for info on this. Sounds like a problem prior to mid 2003. Took it to a dealer who said it has a bad "sender card" on the left side. That is...
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    Rear end leak

    I have a 2004 C-5. 15K miles Noticed a small anount of oil (size of golf ball) under rear end (center of car). It is at a dealership now. What can I expect? Not looking forward to a call from them. Thanks, MCMLVII
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    Zaino Z-8

    Anyone tried the Zaino Z-8 yet? Comments? TIA MCMLVII
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    2007 Corvette

    An objective for the 2007 Corvette engine is to achieve 550 hp with provide 30 mpg.
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    The're like belly buttons

    It seems that everyone has one. I have seen at least 10 C-6's on the road so far. Yesterday I saw the convertible. It was a little disappointing. The top was up. The car was white with a black top and the five spoke wheels were black. This may have had an influance on the look. I have seen...
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    Saw two C-6s on the road yesterday.

    I live near the Milford Proving Grounds. Yesterday on the way home from work I saw two C-6s. One Black, One yellow. Observations: They look smaller than the C-5, maybe a better discription would be "more compact". The colors on both cars was outstanding. It may have been the time of day...
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    Industry Preview Days 2004 Auto Show

    Tickets are available for companies in the automotive industry for a preview of the 2004 auto show. The two days are Wednesday January 7, and Thursday January 8. Tickets are $60.00 and good for one day only. Not sure if this has been mentioned before, so I thought I would pass it on.
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    Sun Visor Warning Label

    Any suggestions on how to remove the warning label on the inside of the sun visors? Thanks. Bob
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