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    Question: Wandering a little

    Hey guys. My '81 has 50,000 miles on her. Not driven on a lot of rough roads and has new boots on her. Once upon a time I owned a 1956 Ford. There was a hex screw with a nut on it mounted on the steering box that you could tighten up the amount of play in the steering. Is there something like...
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    Question: Best replacement brake system

    Hi guys. I am tired of replacing my brake calipers every two years. I need to change them again, and I am told that I need to replace the entire system. Calipers, rotors, pads, hoses and master cylinder! I need some recommendations for a GOOD (not pricey) replacement brake system. I have done...
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    Fuse location

    Hey guys. Can someone tell me or better yet show me the location of the 20 amp fuse for the electric locks on a 1981?? Thanks Never mind. I found it!!! Everything works now!!!
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    '81 Corvette engine noise

    Good morning all. This is an update to my post from November 2015. I had a strange noise coming from the engine compartment that was hard to detect what it might be. Turns out that 2 lobes of the cam had failed and 2 lifters were cupped. My local mechanic pulled the motor, replaced the cam and...
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    Question: Engine noise

    Gentlemen. I own a 1981 numbers matching coupe. I was returning from a car show, last month, and since I hadn't "cleared" it's throat in awhile, I hammered it. Well, I heard what initially sounded like one of the resonators was starting to give out on me. I took it in last week for an oil...
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    I will be needing some new tires for my '81. Currently I am running Goodyear Eagle GT II's. Unfortunately, they are no longer available. What do you recommend as replacements, in a moderately priced performance tire? Thank you for your time.
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    Replacing the expansion tank on 1981 Coupe

    How difficult is it to replace the expansion tank on my '81? Do I remove a lot of other parts to get it out? Thanks guys, I appreciate the help.
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    '81 with '82CE rear glass

    Hi guys. I need some help. I have a 1981 coupe with a 1982 Collector Edition kit rear hatch glass. The kit trim parts for the package shelf, in my '81, consist of 7 pieces. I damaged the large rear most piece taking a suitcase out of the rear storage area. I have purchased a package shelf from a...
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    Help! Power door locks will lock but won't unlock

    Hello. I have a 1981 with a power lock issue. I have seen some info regarding this, but I need some expert assistance. I can lock the doors with the power lock button, but I cannot unlock them using the lock/unlock button. Do I need to replace the relay/relays? Where are they located? Can I do...
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    Help! Production number for the combination l75 (Red) with 152 (silver leather Interior)

    I was wondering if anyone can either tell me the number, or tell me where to find, how many l75 Red exterior with 152 silver leather interior Vetts were built in 1981. I have been to many Cruise-Ins and car shows, and the comment that I hear all the time is that they have never seen this...
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    Unable to "process" uploaded photos

    Apparent site issues. Won't "process" uploaded photos.
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