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  1. milehigreg

    Out of the Vette Game

    I have lusted after the 5th gen Camaros since they came out. About a month ago I traded in my Vette for a 2010 Inferno Orange Metallic SS with the manual 6 speed. The Vette needed shocks, a new radiator and A/C repair. Found out I could insure the Camaro full coverage for about 1/2 of what the...
  2. milehigreg

    Corvette Literature

    89 Service Manual $50 Original Dealer Brochure $10 101 Projects for your C4 $25 Two Gordon Killebrew Booklets $25 8 ' X 18" C4 Poster That's 8 feet by 18" $20 Collector's Originality Guide for C4 $25 720.205.4153
  3. milehigreg

    Automatic transmission cooler line set for sale

    For a TH400. Bought for my 89 but never installed. $50 720.205.4153
  4. milehigreg

    Original Bose Sound System for sale

    Original Head unit and speakers from an 89. Cassette and radio. Worked marginally when removed. Speaker amps need to be replaced. $100 720.205.4153
  5. milehigreg

    Stock 89 wheels for sale

    with caps. one lock replaced with allen screw. $400 720.205.4153
  6. milehigreg

    Lexan top for sale

    Blue tint. Perfect condition. Off of an 89. $400 720.205.4153
  7. milehigreg

    Brakes - No more Pulsing, but...

    I have had a brake pulsing issue for a while now and finally decided to change out the rotors. Replaced rotors and pads all around this weekend and the pulsing is gone. But, the passenger front caliper would not bleed properly. Even with full brake pedal pressure, the brake fluid would only ooze...
  8. milehigreg

    Once Again - What a Machine!

    Just got back from a road trip to Kentucky. I have 96,000 miles on my stock 89 coupe. Just drove 2565 trouble free miles at 23.1 MPG. It is an automatic with a high performance rearend. (3.08) :v
  9. milehigreg

    Loss of Vaccuum Assist

    Lost vacuum assist on my 89 coupe. Brakes are still functional but it takes a lot of leg power. As soon as I depress the brake pedal I can hear a noise (air). Easier to hear inside the car. From the engine bay I can hear it and it sounds like it's coming from inside the vacuum booster...
  10. milehigreg

    Dyno Results!

    The guys at Corvette Connection here in Denver offered a free dyno day on Saturday so I took them up on it. My bone stock 89 L98 with automatic put down 212 HP and 296 Ft-Lbs at the wheels. :upthumbs Test Conditions - 5000 feet elevation, 77 degrees F, 25 in-Hg barometric pressure, 13%...
  11. milehigreg

    Hard Start/No Start Epilogue

    I took her out Saturday for a 110 mile road trip. Everythng went well. The car starts quickly and idles perfectly. Runs like a champ; although I don't notice any improvement in performance. It was great fun having her back on the road. I thought a wrap up was in order so where we go! It...
  12. milehigreg

    Hard Start/No Start Troubleshooting Log

    I took my 89 out for a drive the day after I returned from vacation last week. Did about 40 minutes of highway driving then stopped at Walmart. Drove from Walmart to the Grocery store. Tried to leave. The car fired but then shut down after a few seconds. Had her towed home. :mad By the...
  13. milehigreg

    Clunk! Clunk!

    What started out as feeling a pulsing of the brake peddle as I came to a complete stop is now a definite clunk, clunk, clunk. So I don't think it is a rotor runout issue any more. Wheel bearing? U joint? Put it up on stands and push/pull on the wheel? Look around under the back? ;help...
  14. milehigreg

    Colrado Aspen Color Run

    Needed to have a shakedown cruise after replacing the water pump. Went the back way up to Breckenridge over Hoosier Pass and then back to Denver. 190miles. 26 MPG with some stretches of "spirited" driving !:lou No leaks! Here's a couple of pics. As you can see, I had no fun at all!;)...
  15. milehigreg

    Rattle and Hum!

    Something is going out or has worked itself loose. I have a rattle at idle which turns into a pretty good vibration from about 1200 to 1800 rpm. Disappears above 1800. Car runs perfect. Sounds like one of the accessories when I lift the hood but a can't seem to isolate it. :confused Any...
  16. milehigreg

    Rear Hatch Louver

    I just bought a set of chrome ZR-1 wheels with Goodyear GS-Cs. Man, those things really pop!:D My question though is about louvers for the rear hatch. I searched the site and have done a search on the WEB and come up with very little. Anybody have any info on a manufacturer/supplier? Who...
  17. milehigreg

    Radiator Help - Am I screwed?

    I cleaned out the space between the radiator and A/C condeser this weekend. Leaves, pine needles, cigaratte butts, paper etc. Relatively easy job. Only problem was that the bottom auto trans connection was frozen. I was extremely careful with it because I intended to drive the car to Phoenix...
  18. milehigreg

    @#$*$ Broken Bolts!!!

    Decided to service the 700-R4 this Saturday. A relatively simple but messy job, right? Nope! Three of the sixteen bolts for the transmission pan sheared off. I was able to drill through all three but broke the extractor off flush with the top of the first bolt. Blue air. :mad Quit for the...
  19. milehigreg

    Finally a Photo!

    I got my son to help me figure out my new digital camera and then load these photos as an avatar and signature. Note the 1970 Malibu Convertible behind. My mistress since 1994, she left on a truck on Wednesday bound for her new master in New Jersey. It was a lot more fun cashing the check...
  20. milehigreg

    What a Great Forum and More Oil Talk

    I have been through the thread by British Bob ( Important Questions ) and am amazed at the willingness of the folks on this forum to get involved with these troubleshooting exercises. Nothing but positive suggestions and support and a desire to help solve the problem.:upthumbs I posted a...
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