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    Sill Carpeting

    I have a 1989 Corvette that I am trying to change the door sill carpeting on. I removed the old carpeting from the plastic sill, but cannot find a glue that will adhere the carpet ro rhe plastic. I have tried rubber cement, hot glue and Elmer's spray adhesive, but none of them held. Any ideas...
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    Help! Seat clip

    Does anyone know where I can get a seat clip that holds the front part of the bottom seat cushion? I need one. Thank you!
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    Question: Air cleaner mounts

    What are the studs with clips that mount to the radiator housing and hold the air cleaner box on? I need a pair of them and cannot for the life of me, figure out what they are called so I can order some. Thank you!:W
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    Help! Radio

    I just installed a Sony radio in my 1989 Corvette. I took my time and closely followed all the instructions and wiring diagrams. The radio works great, until I turn the headlights on, then it shuts off. Any clue what is going on with this or what I did wrong? Thank you!
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