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  1. J

    Scan Data.

    I downloaded and ran the datamaster scan software and have a couple of data files, does anyone know if there is a site that discusses the scan data ? My car is not running as good as I would like and I am trying to determine what values are OK and what ones may be a problem. Thanks.
  2. J

    Engine Timing Question, and Help with Miss.

    I have been having a problem with a slight miss at idle and a slight pinging under load for a while now. Neither is bad and the car runs well, but both of these things have been bothering me. Since it is winter here I would like to try to fix both. The car is a 91 auto with about 45K on it, I...
  3. J

    How to clean Plenum ?

    I need to clean my plenum before putting it back on, it is pretty dirty inside, How has everyone cleaned theirs ? I was thinking about bringing it to a machine shop and have it hot tanked is this a good idea, or will it ruin the finish or warp the plenum ? The small passages (egr ?) are also...
  4. J

    Sensor ?

    Hello, can someone tell me what sensor is mounted to the underneath of the plenum toward the back by the dist. on a 91 ? Thanks.
  5. J

    Draining the Fuel Tank.

    I have a 91 auto, can I remove most of the fuel from the tank by connecting a hose to the schader (sp.) valve on the fuel rail and turning the key on and have the fuel pump empty the fuel tank ? Is this a good idea ? I want to clean the bottom of the tank and replace the fuel pump and sock. Thanks.
  6. J

    Injector/Fuel Rail Question.

    I have a 91 auto and am removing my injectors for cleaning, I have the plenum off. My question is can I remove the fuel rail and injectors without removing the runners, it looks like there is enough room to do this, has anyone removed their injectors leaving the runners on ? Thanks.
  7. J

    Tranie Question...

    I have started my winter projects, I am on the rear trannie seal leak. There seems to be some play in the extension case bushing, not a lot, but some. Since it is a pia to get the drive shaft out I really do not want to do it again so I figured since everything was apart I would change the...
  8. J

    New Tires - WOW...

    I just replaced my old goodyear eagles, they came with the car and were worn, hard as a rock, a couple have been plugged a few time, and dry rotted. The car always road like crap, in fact my wife would complain everytime she was in it about the ride. WOW what a difference the new tires make, the...
  9. J

    Plug wire retainers..

    Does anyone have a source for the plastic spark wire retainers that hold two wires, it looks like there are about 6 of them and most of mine are broke. I am changing the wires and would like to fix the retainers at the same time so I don't toast the new wires. Suggestions are welcome or the GM...
  10. J

    74 speaker help ??

    A friend of mine has a 74 and is replacing the stock dash speakers. He wants to get a good quality speaker that will fit in the stock mounting holes. Does anyone know which speakers will fit ? Part number ?? Thanks..
  11. J

    Cap and Rotor Sugestions ??

    First Post woohoo... I am going to install taylor wires soon and while I am back there I would like to change the stock cap rotor. Which brand cap and rotor do you suggest for a mostly stock 91 ?? Thanks.
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