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  1. Hustler

    New pics of the C7 Gray

  2. Hustler

    New pics of the C7

  3. Hustler

    Rocking Seat Solution

    Most of us have read the posts, some of us have had or now have the problem and we would like to fix it. Some posts list the size of the washers and recommend an Ace Hardware part number, but I was unable to locate the parts locally. I found a Company where you can order them for .03 each ( you...
  4. Hustler

    Help! HUD loses memory

    I have a 2000 and the HUD has started to revert from my selection of the Fuel Level to the default, which I believe is Oil Pressure. I have pulled all the codes and I don't see anything that I haven't seen before. It does not always happen with a quick shut down, start up. It always occurs if...
  5. Hustler

    Turn Signal & Flasher Problems?

    As many of you have or will have, I had been suffering with turn signal issues for over a year. It was tolerable but annoying at first, then turned into a PITA, then became a safety issue. I scoured all the boards looking for a fix. I had already tried the WD-40 and even electronic contact...
  6. Hustler

    TPMS problem

    I need some help here guys. After a recent purchase of new Goodyears I have discovered that the tire dealer did not put the rims back in the same place he removed them. The LR and RR tires were swapped. The monitors are working fine, just reversed, I can't have that! No problem..I'll just...
  7. Hustler

    Another Texan

    I appreciate the welcome from Patrick and XLR8 from another thread and want to say hello to everyone here. Your a great group and it's a pleasure stopping by. Steve
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