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  1. whitehedr

    MP3 Disc Problems

    I tried to make an MP3 disk tonight. According to the radio lit you can have multiple folders with up to 500 files. I burned 39 Buffett songs to the disk to just check it out. The CD player will only recognize 10 of the 39 songs. :confused :ugh I am using an Apple Macbook Pro and iTunes to...
  2. whitehedr

    Picked up a Screw in RR tire

    I picked up a screw in the right rear tire of my new C06. Should I take it to the dealer or to Goodyear for the fix? Thoughts and recomendations please. RWW
  3. whitehedr

    Damn Curbs!!!!

    So I am taking my father-in-law to the hearinmg aid store today. I pull into the parking space and I feel this slight tremor....My first scratch.....I am bummed!!!!! Right under the fog light on the right side of the car........It is gonna need paint, I am sure......Did I say I was bummed...
  4. whitehedr

    Happy new owner

    :w Hi ya'll. I have had my new C6 for three weeks now. :D . It is new '06 Z51 coupe in Monterey Red Metallic with the Cashmere interior. It has Chrome wheels, XM radio, and the Nav package. :D :D . I have not had a chance to get any decent photos of the car yet. As soon as I do I will post...
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