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    New HB install question.

    Hi Guys n Gals Iv just had a new OEM harmonic balancer and bolt fitted by a garage but after getting it back i noticed that there is still a very slight wobble, nowhere near the same as before, but i didn't expect to see any wobble at all. If the the RPM is increased by a few hundred then the...
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    random shutdown with no codes.

    Hi guys 2005 C6 M6, no mods. I have a strange problem with car randomly shutting down, it will start right up again but i dont trust to take the car out anywhere incase it shuts off at speed in an awkward place. I have followed the FSM with my Tech2 and everything checks out perfectly. I have...
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    What type of ignition firing system do i have on a base 2005 C6?

    I am trying to diagnose a random misfire problem. i have an oscilloscope but am unsure as to whether my car has a Secondary DIS positive fired, Secondary DIS CPC negative fired, or maybe non of the above, anyone have an answer for me?
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    Random misfire problem, help needed please..

    2005 C6, 65,000mls I'm getting a hesitation on hard acceleration, but not on smooth acceleration. Tech2 log looks ok for most PIDS i.e STFT and LTFT all look ok, mostly on the -4 range under deceleration it goes into OL and O2's drop to 0 which i believe is normal. on the misfire data i'm...
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