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    Wanted, early 63 inside heater box

    Wanted, inside early 1963 heater box, thanks
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    What does CJ 18 63 on rear end of 1963 car stand for

    On the 1963 rear end there is a number CJ 18 63. I know the CJ stands for 3.08:1 ratio but what are the other numbers, maybe Jan 8th, 1963. Also the little black book for 63 states as an option "G91 Special Highway 3.08:1 Axle (not posi). According to another book the CJ is for positraction but...
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    Wanted WTB: 1963/67 Corvette Coupe

    Wanted: 1963 Corvette Coupe. Looking for a nice C2 coupe. Any color as long as the paint is in great condition. A must is the frame with no rust and the birdcage no rust. All original fiberglass. Number matching motor would be nice but not required but in good running condition. No mods. Send...
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    Having trouble with silicone brake fluid leaks

    I've had all 4 brake cylinders on a 59 resleeved and new rubber. Problem is, I put in silicone brake fluid and 2 of them are leaking. I like the silicone fluid because it does not damage paint but has anyone else had this problem. I'm thinking about draining all the fluid and putting in dot 3...
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    Question: Casting date on a 1962 brake cylinder

    My friend has a 1962 corvette. We restored the front brake cylinders and would like to know if the date "K250", which is embossed on the top of the cylinder, is a casting date. If so can someone explained it and what the date is, thanks. They both have the correct part number also embossed on...
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    Any ideas for lifting a hardtop off a 62

    Hard top on a 62 looks sharp but they are to heavy for me to install and remove form car. I know the price range can go for $30 on up so I'm not sure what to buy. Not interest in the motor driven hoist. I could make one if I had some ideas. What are you hardtop guys using.
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    Wanted: 1961 62 Corvette Hardtop

    Wanted 1961-62 hardtop unrestored. I'm located in western KY. Email ccummings4335@comcast.net
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