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    3.36 to 3.70 gears

    Will this have much of an effect on acceleration if I make this change? My car feels like it runs out of gear and is a dog off the line. thanks
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    Another Steering Play

    Hi, I have a couple of inches of slop in the '79 steering wheel when driving. I've replaced everything you can think of steering wise (except the PS hyd. cylinder). The slop happens when I change direction of the steering wheel - at the top center area of steering wheel. So I put the 2 front...
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    Door Won't Open after replacing latch

    Frustrated....I couldn't get me door to open last week so I ended up using a sawzall to cut the door striker off. So I bought a new latch, took off all the rods, door handle and cleaned and lubed them well. Reinstalled with new clips - the whole 9 yards. I test it out by closing the door. Hmm...
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    79 Bodywork Issue w/ Pics

    Hi, I'm installing a replacement fender on the pass. side of the '79. The problem is the large gap between edge of the fender where it meets the door edge and the bonding (mating)surface (A-pillar) in the very top corner of the fender. If I were to push down on the fender at that very top...
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    '79 Fender Removal ?

    I want to remove the passenger side front fender only and am looking for some advice. I am going to be replacing the fender so I don't care if I mess it up. Its my understanding that you have to grind down through it and then use a putty knife to seperate if from the bonding strip. I'm just not...
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    Getting a new Bumper to fit.

    When you order the new bumper and of course it doesn't fit right, what is the method (tools) that people use to make the fit properly. I've got no body experience so I would hate to mess it up. thanks
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    A/C Accumulator ?

    I am converting over to R134 and bought a replacement Accumulator that says that it is compatible with both R12 and R134. Do I need to remove the valve inside of the service port before threading the new R134 service port on top of it? :)
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    A/C O-Ring thickness + diameter

    I want to the R134 switchover but its not real clear on the what is the "correct" O-Ring thickness and diameter that should be used for a given a/c connection. My question: Is there a measurement out there that states that the different connections should have X diameter and Y thickness (for...
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    Body Mounts = Lift Body ?

    I have heard of some people saying that the car only needs to be jacked up an inch in order to replace the mounts. Is this true? If so please explain the method...:) Also does anyone know the best place to buy the hardware and mounts? thanks
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    Radiator Support Seals

    I have a kit of seals for '79 L-82 but I didn't have the old ones on there to reference where they go back on. I have seen the catalog diagrams but was wondering if someone else had some good close-up pics of how they install. thanks
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    Which Puller? Steering Control Valve

    I'm trying avoid using a pickle fork in order to seperate the valve from the Pitman Arm. I rented a souple of pullers from the autozone but their smallest one won't fit in the space between the valve (ball stud) and the frame. Does somehave have a pic (or the size of) the puller used to remove...
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    Driveshaft and Half Shaft Install

    I didn't mark which end goes to tranny and which end goes to diff. Does it matter? I also don't know which halfshaft is the left one and the right one..How about these? ;)
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    My Rebuild is disappointing so far

    Hello Guys, I have about 100 miles on my newly rebuilt '79 motor and in a nutshell, I'm disappointed. I just don't have the giddy up that I expected. Here is what I got/added: Rebuilt engine : L-82 Crank with Flat Top Hyper. Pistons. Bored over .020. Done by a reputable builder. I don't know...
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    How to Determine Compression Ratio?

    Without tearing down the engine to measure, is there a way to determine the compression ratio that a car has? I would like to know what I am running but don't have an idea on how to check it.
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    T-Tops have large gaps

    I recently installed new Weatherstripping onto the T-tops and this seemed to go pretty well. The problem is that the tops are somewhat difficult to install (expected) and there seems like there is a large gap between the 2 T-tops at the top center where they meet. I would guess a half inch. Are...
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    4 Spd Shifter Adjustment

    '79 BW Tranny I am trying to do a shifter adjustment per the instructions in the manual. I decided to try this: Instead of trying to insert the adjustment tool into the notch while the shifter was mounted, I decided to take the shifter out. I then aligned the gates perfectly as if I was going...
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    WTB; Bare 350 Block

    w/ 4 bolt Mains ---I'm in the D/FW area
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    No Spark

    The newly rebuilt engine is on a stand and has never been fired before so I am just checking for spark now before that first start. I plan on running it on the stand before putting it in the car. I dont want to crank it until I know that it has spark. Just trying to set static timing without...
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    Did I mark the harmonic balancer correctly?

    I am building my engine currently and the book says to mark the balancer when #1 stops going up (heads are off) and then turn the crank the opposite direction until #1 piston stops going up- the halfway point is TDC. My new balancer's marker does not line up with 0 degrees for some reason so I...
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    Super T-10 rebuild?

    Since I have the Super T-10 out of the car , I would like to go ahead give it a rebuild. I would like to do it myself but I cannot find any good docs or videos to use as a reference. I checked out 5 speeds.com and my GM shop manual but they don't offer much in the way of rebuild information...
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