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    Battery/Electrical Question- Losing charge

    I always had a small current draw in the car when off, but about a month ago it became larger, where I couldn't start the car if it sat over 3-4 days. I put a kill switch on the battery, but now it seems to still lose voltage (12.1 to 11.7 in two days) charge even with the switch pulled (I put...
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    Brake rotor suppliers

    I was looking for the cheapest, decent brake rotors I can find, it has been an expensive month so far (rear end and assorted sundries). I searched Muskegon Brake in the forum, lots of good feedback on other parts, but has anyone used their rotors? Any other suggestions? Thanks.
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    Rear differential Advice?

    To keep a long story short, the gear bolts stripped and the diff. is toast as of three days ago. There was no fluid leak, but the rear end cover will have to be replaced. I searched the posts but did not find a consensus on rebuild businesses, can people please chime in on the best around? Has...
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    Brake/ turn light issue

    The left turn/brake signal on my 75 will only light up one filiament when braking or using the turn signal, but when the headlights are on both filaments stay lit (like normal braking). I have cleaned the contacts, changed the bulbs. Where else should I be looking? Thanks.
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    Loose side view mirror

    The ball joint on the side view mirror is lacking stability, and the mirror moves sign. when going over 60 mph. I don't want to see the side of my own car. I cannot find any adjustment for this, does anyone have a solution? Thanks in advance!
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    Help- broken dipstick!

    I just purchased a 1975 about a week ago, and was checking the oil today, and noticed that the dipstick had broken in the well!!!! A suprise to me as well, as I did not feel or see any problem when checking it a couple of days ago. The question is- where is it now? Does anyone know how long...
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    Shipping your car

    I am looking to ship my 75 vette from Chicago to Florida in the next couple of weeks. I was wondering if anyone has experience in this, and could give any recommendations on companies or tips for this to go smoothly. Enclosed vs. open? Anything else I have not thought of? Thanks in advance.
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    squeaky trim rings

    The trim rings around three of the four wheels makes an annoying squeaking sound both when both pressing on them as well as with driving. The one that does not squeak seems to be metal, the rest plastic. Is the metal the original I assume? How do I make the plastic ones stop?;help
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    original steering wheel specs and shipping ideas

    Hi, My friend and I just purchased a silver 75 deluxe coupe last week (off ebay no less:) ) and were wondering what is the original steering wheel material for the 75. It has a pep boys wrap on it, and underneath looks to be a professional leather wrap. My friend thinks the original steering...
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