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    Hesitation Issues (In Case You're Bored At Work)

    This is my second post. I have had 0 starting issues since I ripped out the aftermarket alarm, replaced the battery, and refreshed some grounds. But I'm still having a small hesitation issue on my 92 LT1 6 speed. Sometimes when driving, mostly under load but not always, I get some hesitation...
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    New Member in MI

    Hey guys, I'm a corvette newb in all respects. I just picked up a semi project 1992 Z07 with 120,000 miles and have been working on replacing old parts over the winter. Should be driving soon! I'm located in metro Detroit if anyone's hobby is helping out poor first time Vette owners.
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    1992 Won't Turn Over

    Hey everybody, I'm new to this forum and new to Corvette's in general. I just picked up a 1992 Z07 6 speed over the winter and have been going through some of the basics. I've already been reading and learning a lot, I can already tell this car will push my mechanical boundaries. So the issue...
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