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    My dic displays only tire pressure, and door ajar, nothing else displays, tried all the buttons but nothing happens. Any suggestions on what might be the problem and a possible fix. Thanks
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    replace spark plugs

    Is it difficult to change out the spark plugs in a 2004 corvette? Do I need to take it to a dealer or can I do it myself, I am not a do-it-yourselfer, but, I think it shouldnt be that hard to do, or am I wrong.
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    Question: HUD icon

    My hud shows an oil can with 3 horizontal bars, can someone enlighten me on what that means? I just had the oil and filter changed last week.
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    fuel gage

    Whenever I fill up, the gas gage goes to empty, it takes a while before it registers, will it hurt to drive it that way, and how can I fix the problem?
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    HIgh Pitched sound

    High pitched sound coming from my gas tank, some feedback on what it might be? Does not happen all the time but when it does, it's very annoying.
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    Low tire pressure indicator on dash.

    I have the low tire pressure indicator on my corvettte, and would like to know if anyone knows how to either reset it, or remove. I currently have 30 psi on all four tires, but low pressure indicator will not go away.
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    Question: What to do?

    I'm taking my baby on a 2000 mile road trip :), how do I keep her nice and clean, automated car wash out of the question:nono what do some of you do to keep your baby looking good.:thumb
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    tire pressure indicator

    Resently I replaced my tires and now my tire pressure indicator is asking me to service soon. Have been ignoring but now am hearing a high pitched sound that seems to be coming from the area around my rear tire. Your thoughts please.
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    Help, does anyone know if they make small blowers for use when drying your baby. My wife was going to get me one for Christmas but all she could find was the big ones used for yard work. What are some of you using and what are the pros and cons.
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    roof leaks bad

    While bathing my baby, noticed a pretty bad leak just inside the window on passenger side. Does this mean back to the dealer for new seal or is there a product I can use to remedy? Not sure if leak originates at center of roof and runs down or what? Any suggestions?
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    vanity plates

    Finally got my plates, was not my first choice but I'll take em. MY DRIM Wife pronounces my dryme, I say my dream. What say you?
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