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    PROM for 81

    I'm thinking I could use a prom for a 81 stock with 4 speed. I have converted this from an automatic, and have been told that the Prom needs to be changed due to the tranny swap. I have a hypertec, but would rather have a stock if I can get one. Reference ECM: does anyone know if I got a rebuilt...
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    "new" 327 long block source

    Does anyone know if there is a source for a new 327 longblock. If I can find one at a decent price, I'm now toying with the idea of going non-emissions set-up with 300 HP and using a after market fuel injection such as MassFlow, or Eldebrocks efi. I had the 327-300 in both a '68 and a '64 and...
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    Quadrajet, out of business?

    Just considering many different options. Is Rochester out of business? I know that Eldebrock(?) did make a similar carb (1901?) but the Quadrajet folks made them stop. If QJ no longer mfgs, what s the problem w/letting someone else give it a go? One option I'm considering is going to...
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    LT1 engine conversion

    I 'm thinking about converting to a 1995-'96 LT1 primarily for better gas mileage. While my engine (original) still runs ok, I'm tired of hoping for better gas mileage with the non-replaceable Quadrajet (15 to 17 mpg) that you cannot adjust because of its umbilical cord to the computer! If I...
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    differential numbers

    I have tried to ascertain which rear end I have on my '81 without success. The numbers I'v found tells me nothing. they are "62580" and below that is "039534" . Since I bought this car used", the differential could possibly be anything from a 1980 to 1982...right? Because of some speedometer...
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    deciphering Computer PROM numbers

    Does anyone know the code for the computer prom numbers which start w/519K? For instance, mine is 519K 8226 2044 06630. this is for a 1981 Vette w/an automatic transmission. I need the PROm numbering for a four speed, manual 1981 Corvette to order a new PROM after switching from a...
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    Computer Prom info

    I think I've found a source for a needed PROM, but they need the numbers off of my old PROM....which I can not provide because.... I have switched from automatic to Manual transmission. That 's the reason I need a new prom cause the PROM for the car w./Automatic trans is different from the PROM...
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    emmission quagmire, what to do

    Here in NC, the emission laws that pretain to the 1981 models require that what ever "emission equipment" the car had originally, has to be on the car and "appear" to be functional. There is leeway in "Appear" . As long as it was installed originally, it has to be installed during emission...
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    Grant steering wheel

    I've visited the Grant website and seen some nice wooden steering wheels theere, as well as in some of the Vette vendors catelogues. I have telescopic, and tilt steering which I think, restricts the choices. Anyone with an '81 know anything about these wheels, or which wood models (mahogany or...
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    interior color question

    In 1981, was Cinnibar an option color for the interior with a beige exterior?? My cousin is thinking about buying this ride, but I cautioned him that I did not think Cinnibar was the original color for the interior. (If nothing else it looks like crab with the beige exterior:) thanks in...
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    1981 Quadrajet and ECM (computer) out of Vette that originally had the 4speed manual transmission. Carb No. is 17081217. if not working, has to be rebuildable. thanks, jim
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    Quadrajet decoding question,

    I have found out how to decode the Carb numbers but my question is about the v ery last number. For instance my carb is 17081218. The 170 is for "after 1976" 8=decade 1=year 2=type of carb 1 = particular division AND the last number 8 is for automatic transmission. With...
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    does Hypertech Power Chips replace PROM

    After recently dumping the automatic trans. and putting in a Manual 4 speed, I learned (here, of course) that I need to switch the PROM in the ECM that differ due to which transmission you have. I can find one in a junk yard, but the cost , I think, is excessive. I have the 1981 computer...
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    "just to make sure" carb question

    have a "81 w/computer controlled quadrajet carb. I would like to disconnect the computer but then I would have to get another carb, right? Because the mixture (rich-lean) is determined by the computer via the mixture control solenoid, right? If this is correct, would the Eldebrock 1903 be a good...
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    Quadjet changes, ref:auto to manual trans

    :ugh The automatic is history, and the muncie is IN. But..my fuel economy has dropped. this could be because the car set for about 6 months while I was trying to get the swap completed, and the carb just needs tuning/rebuilding. However, due to the *&%$#@ computer which controles the carb...
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    changing oil pan gasket on 81

    :Silly Can you remove the oil pan w/o removing anything else? It looks like about 4 " +- between the bottom of the front part of the pan and the steering linkage, and about 1 inch to the bellhousing in the rear. My gasket is shot and I probably would change the oil pump "while I'm at it". (we...
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    ignition timing, 1981 w/manual tran

    recently switched from auto trans to a 4 speed. With gas now at $4/gal., I am in process of fine tuning. Hayes & Chilton don't give the timing for a '81, but refer you to the emission sticker on the hood. I have this sticker but it is based on having a automatic trans. It has 6 deg. BTDC as...
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    clutch recommendation

    Just got the Muncie installed on July 2 after removing old automatic. This is being done "on the side" and "when they have time " at a popular transmission shop in our area. It probably took about 6 hours over a 5 day period. Driving me nuts! The Guru mechanic-friend of mine that owns...
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    1981 trans. conversion leftovers

    driveshaft w/ujoints, flexplate, converter, 350 TH Auto. trans., starter, 2 alum. lines for cooling trans. fluid, detent cable. shifter & cable. Brake Pedal assembly. Transmission rebuilt less than 5000 miles ago.
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    "auto out-manual in" driveshaft problem

    :W (1981) Still "getting ready" to swap the auto out & install the Muncie. Came across this problem. Although I have read on other threads that the driveshaft did not have to be modified, from my measurements, it probably will. The driveshaft for the manual trans. is 1/8 to 1/4 " longer than...
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