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    I know this has most likely been asked but since I am new and everyone here is a great resource i have to ask. What is the "normal" operating temperature for the temperature gauge on the instrument panel--ie: coolant/radiator gauge. Mine seems to mainly stay below (just one nitch or so maybe...
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    no owners manual-key fob question

    I do not have a owner's manual on my 2002, but have one ordered. Question is i know how to set the memory seats in the car, but how do you/can you set the key fob the same way? When i get in now i have to just hit the memory button on the door, but if the fob can do it i would rather do that...
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    battery change out

    Everyone in here has been great, thanks for the help. But ofcourse i have another question. This battery was changed out in July 2004, should i change it out now? i know they normally only last a couple of years. Had to do a re- charge on it (dealer recommended, he said battery was good) and it...
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    New to me---battery issue

    As some of you know I just became a c5 (2002) coupe owner, and I am now running into the "battery issue" the first damn day. Anyway took it to my chevy dealer, who i actually like, and they said the battery was fine just needed a "recharge", with a trickle charger overnight. (The battery on this...
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    Wanted to introduce myself and say I have been going over this site for awhile and it is great! I am a single female--ex did not like cars or that i wanted to own so many, oh well huh? Kind of a gear head too since i also own a loaded (but manual) 2005 yellow Mustang GT. ( had to give it a new...
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