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    Cant find my posts before last years

    I cant seem to find any posts past 2018 . I couldnt to find instructions either. Appreciate any help.PS
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    88 c4 shifter /button stuck & in park

    When I depress the shifter button it doesnt allow the shifter to move out of park.. Anyone know what it could be and how I can attempt to free it up?
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    Vett 1ST timer on best cheapest way to replace the entire fuel pump assy

    I have an 88 c4 that sat for 10 years bathing the entire FP assy in old gas I want to replace all the mechanical/electrical components that are attached to the entire steel fuel pump assy . What is the approximate difference in cost by paying the $280 to $350, Ive seen, for the entire unit...
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    I exceeded the number of tags by 1 ....what does that mean?

    Post New ThreadForum: C4 General Discussion ErrorsThe following errors occurred with your submission The number of tags you tried to add exceeded the maximum number of tags by 1.
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    Dash cracked on 88 c4.....

    Dash cracked on 88 c4.....replacement covers avail? Where?
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    largest tires without hitting body hwy/city driving,

    I have an 87 c4 w/ 275 40 17s on all four. The rears look like they could go a bit larger,but I wanta check here 1st . Anyone had larger than 275 40 on the rear (eg next size up? Any contact issues? (Im not gonna wanna raise body height or spring rates just to have a larger tire..) They all...
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    does an 88 c4 gas tank ,have a drain plug ?

    I wonder if the 88 c4 came with a drain port on their fuel tanks. If they dont have one I see my my only choice is to add fresh gas to it and starter up. I suspect its got a gallon more or less in it the last 5 years. I tried a siphon hose,but couldnt detect any fuell by blowing into the hose...
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