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    Want To Buy - Looking for original 53/54 Split Exhaust Manifold

    Did you find a manifold. I will be listing one on Ebay this evening. Is is in very nice shape and is dated C 10 5 (March 10, 1955).
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    Looking for 1962 Corvette

    I have some relevant information on a 1962 Corvette that I will pass to the current owner, assuming I can locate them. VIN is unknown, but would definitely be before 20867S104766. Most likely car was built in November or December of 1961. Car is Roman Red, black interior, 250 hp, 4 speed and...
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    1972 white coupe in Georgia - tank sticker

    I have the original tank sticker for a 1972 coupe, white with black vinyl interior, base motor, automatic, P/S, P/B, A/C. Vin is 1Z37K2S523200. Car is currently registered in Georgia according to National Motor Vehicle Title Information System. Georgia DMV will not provide any owner contact...
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    Looking for info on 56

    I am looking for any info on 1956 Corvette serial number E56S001601. Yes, it is listed in the C1 registry, and I am the listed owner. I don't have any real history on the car, or what little is left of the car. The rumor is that the car was badly wrecked in California in about 1964. Car...
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