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    WTB 68-72 Corvette in Western Canada

    Hi there, I'm looking for a Corvette to buy in western Canada, preferably in southern Alberta. As the post says I'm looking for a 68-72 Vette with the body and frame in good shape. If you know of anyone selling in the area I'd love to know, my e-mail is SSJ_Shadow@hotmail.com pics and details...
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    1968 Corvette problems/issues?

    Hi there, I'm looking at buying a 1968 Corvette from a friend here in my home town, and basically I was wondering what kind of problems may have been apparent in that year? Body/frame wise or anything else. Right now the cars interior is in peices just waiting to be re-assembled, it was in the...
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    WANTED 1984 - 1990 Vette In Alberta

    Hi, I live in Calgary Alberta and I am looking for a C4 Vette preferably mid to late 80's for sale in Alberta. As well it can be in ANY condition, preferably not so great because I don't have much to spend. Thanks
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    [WANTED] C3 Corvette

    Hi, I'm looking for a corvette preferably years 1970, 1978 or 1982 but any C3 would be great to get a price on. Even if I can get one with no motor at all but a good body. I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada so if you are close by that is a bonus, if not well if it's a good deal then I'll go...
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