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    2002 electron blue metallic convertable (Central Ohio)

    2002 electron blue metallic convertable. 61000 miles. Light oak interior and top. Automatic. Heads up display. Looks and runs great. Low miles on the new runflat oem tires. Garage kept and only driven in summer. Price is firm. Not looking for a trade. $21,000 Clean title can have it in hand...
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    Lazer readings

    My wife and I were heading home after a drive. We were coming up on a spot where the police normally sit and shoot cars with lazer. I saw the brake lights of everyone in front of me tapping their brakes as they popped over the hill so I knew there was one there. Anyhow Im running the limit but...
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    Grand Sport SO - Has anyone placed their order for a 2010 Grand Sport yet?

    Those are SICK! I wish but anyhow...thanks for the myspace backgrounds my friend! :thumb
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    TPM readin 10 psi below

    I did a search and couldn't find anything so please forgive me if its a question thats been asked already. I bought my vette (02 Vert) from a dealer a couple months ago. A few days after buying It started to say service TPMS system or something to that nature. Dealer replaced all TPM...
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    Almost got a ticket

    Well my wife and I drove all over this memorial day weekend. We live in central Ohio. On Saturday we drove to the Homer Laughlin Co (Fiesta ware) in Newell, WV to check it out. No laughing guys the Fiesta Ware was for her but the drive was for me hahaha. Drove up 7 on the Ohio side and down 2 on...
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    Another new Corvette owner from Ohio

    Hello everyone! I have been lurking here for a year or so dreaming of getting my first vette. Couldnt sell the Harley to buy one so I traded it in on one! I gotta tell ya I am on cloud nine! And the little wife is alot happier too!:thumb
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