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    Anybody see this one?

    This is a situation that I would not like to be in or see.
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    Signal lights

    How does one remove the signal light from the front of a 91C4 Vert. Not the bulb, the whole light assembly. Someone backed into my Vet and pushed the whole assembly back about and inch. No damage to the light or the lens but it sets in the housing funny. I cant seem to figure out how to move it...
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    Help! Radio

    How does the radio off switch work when the key is removed and the door is opened on a 91 Vert. My radio suddenly stays on now when I remove the key and open the door and before it shut off after either 15 mn or when the door opened. Must be some sort of switch or relay but I dont know...
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    Help! Suspension Knuckle

    Has anyone had to replace the suspension knuckle at the rear suspension. This is the piece that holds the bottom of the shock. It weights about 11 lbs and appears to be cast aluminum. Is it a hard Job and can a home mechanic do this? Any help would be appreciated. The car is a 91 Convertible.
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    N2A Motors

    Has anyone seen the ads for N2A Motors/ Someone sent me an email. pretty interesting concept. Car is called 789
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    Help! rubber strip removal

    I have a 91 Vert and wonder how to replace the rubber strip on the two windows that has flaked apart ;over the years. I presume that I have to take off the interior panel but do I remove the glass as well. I believe the piece is rivited on. I have the new parts but there are really no...
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    Wind break

    Is there any company out there that makes a wind sceen to fit behind the seatson a C4? I see them on lots of cars and they make them for the 5 and 6s but cant find any aftermarket for the same thing on a C4. looking for the kind that looks like screening on a frame, usually anodized aluminum but...
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    Bose Radio

    I have a 91 Convertible with the Bose CD/Cassette player and due to surgery had to let the car set about a month and half. When I drove it tonite, I could not change channels and couuld only get one AM Channel. Then the FM finally worked but then it went back to not working. NOne of the buttons...
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    wind Buffer

    Does anyone know if there was ever a wind buffer made for the C4 convertibles such as the new ones for the c5 nad c6's. These are the ones that look like they have a screen on them instead of going over the back of the seats.I have looked all over to no avail.
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    Warning lights

    I am a new owner of a 1991 C-4 convertible. The "check engine soon" light comes on intermittently and appears to be a code for the egr valve. Is there any ting that can be done to clear up this problem. Resetting the computer produces the same result, it goes off for a while then back on. Also...
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