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  1. mcditalia

    Rear leaf spring fanned

    I noticed that the new Eaton spring I installed a couple years ago "fanned" and made the end link bolts crooked. When they shipped the spring to me it came with clip bands that were taken off during the installation. Should these have remained on? What else can be done to prevent this from...
  2. mcditalia

    Fuel sending unit connections/harness.

    I wanted to replace the harness side push style connectors to my fuel sending unit as they have seen better days. I looked around for a replacement but most corvette parts suppliers only list a 36 gallon harness. The terminals look the same as the 20 gallon. Anyone know if they are...
  3. mcditalia

    Caliper leak

    I forgot to open the master reservoir and after i took out the front pads to inspect them i pushed on the cylinder bores to retract them back into the bores and got brake fluid shooting out all over. Looks like fluid came out of the cylinder bores and also at a weep hole on the caliper. Did i...
  4. mcditalia

    Ac 44 plug.

    Disclaimer: already read a lot about the respective heat ranges of ac plugs. with that being said, if I was to use a 44 plug on my SB for mostly highway driving and little stop and go, what would work better, a 44S with extended tip (non resistor) or a resistor 44r with normal tip? I can get...
  5. mcditalia

    Rear jack point

    I searched as best i could, but couldn't find an answer to my question. I want to jack the rear using the rear most center crossmember on the frame just ahead of the rear wheels where the frame kicks up. I read some use the differential and rear spring and i really don't want to do that. Some...
  6. mcditalia

    Heat riser question

    My Corvette never gets driven in the winter here in the east coast. Can i just take out the heat riser without making modifications (block off passages) in the intake manifold? im also assuming that the heat riser moves back to the closed position ( outside lever in a horizontal position) and...
  7. mcditalia

    Ball bearing in hose?

    Why would someone plug the hose for the timed spark vacuum that connects from the distributor to the carb with a ball bearing? Never noticed it until now.
  8. mcditalia

    3rd clock rebuild?

    Im on my 3 rd clock rebuild in approximately 6 years. First time i sent it out to the Clock Works. One year guarantee, after about a year and a half went dead. Sent it out the second time, cant exactly recall the exact name, used to be in Maryland, then moved out west. Same deal, one year...
  9. mcditalia

    This makes the c7 rear end look tame

    Woah! How's that for busy? I do believe i see some c7 in there;)
  10. mcditalia

    Winter storage oil

    I usually run good grade synthetic in the summer time, amsoil, redline. To cut costs i wanted to use a conventional oil during winter storage months when it doesnt get used. Anyone see a detriment to doing this?
  11. mcditalia

    Help me diagnose this

    My 66 went in to my shop a couple of months ago after i bent a pushrod and broke a spring. Luckily the shop said i didnt do any other damage. Symptoms when it happened started with a slight miss at hyway speed which got progressively worse. By the time i limped it home it was barely running...
  12. mcditalia

    Rod or valve knock?

    Hello, It started off as a hesitation at high rpms a couple of weeks ago that was intermittent. Thought it went away. Parked the car for a couple of weeks and today it came back. At first it was the same symptom, slight hesitation at highway speed. After i got off the highway after a 40 mile...
  13. mcditalia

    Delco shock options?

    First i'd like to say i did search the forums for an answer and i couldn't find one, but seems like such a common question. Is there anyone that rebuilds original delco shocks? I know there are many aftermarket options, bilstein, kyb, monroe.....replacement delco..etc. So far i really couldn't...
  14. mcditalia

    Waterproof car cover

    I bought a coveright extra bond car cover which claimed to be 100 percent waterproof. I know that they have to be breathable so no cover will truly be waterproof, but I must say it's pretty bad about letting water in. During heavy or prolonged rain days, it let's water through the seams and it...
  15. mcditalia

    Door adjustment

    I'm trying to adjust the drivers door and have played around with the stricker on the body with some luck. Is the actual door stricker/latch adjustable as well? I see that it's held in place with flat head screws. What other things can I do to adjust the door so that I get a nice alignment and...
  16. mcditalia

    Tachometer face replacement

    I need to replace the face on my tachometer and haven't really started to read up on it yet. I figured I'd get a head start and ask here first. :) What is the simplest way to do this? Do I need to take the steering column out? Is there a way to take just the face off from the front or do I...
  17. mcditalia

    touch up paint

    Does anyone have any good suggestions on how to touch up my car paint? I've tried ordering a touch up bottle with Paragon and it isn't even close. I suspect that most other Corvette suppliers will have the same products. I tried soliciting body shops near my area but they won't get involved...
  18. mcditalia

    ethanol gas

    My 66 was unused for a couple of months now (probably since August). I added stabil when I last filled up back then. Recently tried starting it over the weekend and it had a real rough time waking up. No apparent mechanical issues to speak of. Eventually it did. As a side note my newly...
  19. mcditalia

    bad fan clutch?

    How do I know if my fan clutch is bad? How much play should it have? Any sure ways of testing/knowing? My car was hovering around 220-210 tonight the whole time I was driving around town. Even when going above 40 mph, it barely dropped, which it never does. I have a feeling the fan isn't...
  20. mcditalia

    another zinc additive thread

    Yes, I started talking to a NAPA guy today and besides being a fellow vette guy, he swears by Lucas Engine Break-In Additive - Zinc Plus. Convinced by his story I decided to buy a 16oz bottle. It seems that this topic has been widely discussed in the past, especially in the NCRS forums. So...
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