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  1. Blue89

    Idle problem C4 1989

    Looked for a thread that addressed this but to no avail, so, when I start my car it idles at about 600 RPM and as I'm driving, the darn thing wants to race to about 1700 RPM and won't come back down until I shut it off and then at restart it idles about 600 RPM again. Also, when it does race...
  2. Blue89

    Question: C-4 Rear End Assembly

    Took my car to a dealer and they tell me that the rear differential/suspension mount is broken and caused it to rub against a few other parts that need replaced and suggested that I replace the total rear end assembly. Question is, my C-4 is a 1989, I found a rear end assembly from a 1986 and...
  3. Blue89

    Cup Holder Mod

    Well, I've searched for a thread on this subject but came up with nil, probably missed it somewhere, everything else is covered it seems but has anyone tried to modify their cup holder with something or another to hold a decent size cup without spilling it and freezing/burning your privates?? I...
  4. Blue89

    Need a mechanic in the Cincinnati area!!

    I have an '89 coupe that needs new injectors, ecm and the rear axles (universal joints, etc.) rebuilt. I'm looking for estimates from a mechanic in the Cincinnati area for the job. Anyone out there??
  5. Blue89

    Fuel Line Hose

    Took the sending unit out of my '89 and cleaned it up to try to get the fuel gauge working, when putting it back together, I noticed that the top hose (fuel feed line) is cracked and leaking. There is not enough hose to cut off and re-attach. Looking at it top side, all I see is rubber hose...
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