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  1. McD

    Can I use '72 rallys on my '63?

    All, I have a '63 Vert with some substandard older racing wheels and I'd like to swap them. I originally wanted K.O's but the budget wont allow it these days. Instead I'm looking at some 15 X 7 rallys off a '72. I figure worse case scenario I have an extra set of rallys for my '69...
  2. McD

    What size radials for knock-offs?

    ;help Hi guys...I was looking for some help figuring out the best radial tires to fit a set of knock-offs. Does anyone have a size(s) that will fit them? I like the look of the bias ply but I have a nice driver and want a set of radials for safety/fuel economy etc. Thanks! McD ;shrug
  3. McD

    Question: 63 Resto/upgrades

    Hi all...I have a 63 roadster (NOM) 327/300 4 spd in pretty good shape...what I call an above avg driver. I want to do some resto/upgrades to the car as it has a few things I'd like to add and would love to get some insight for vendors, etc. Keep in mind since this car is not # matching, I'll...
  4. McD

    Best Battery for a C-2?

    Hi all, I was wondering if any of you could recommend a battery for a C-2? Anything out there better for being on the road for 6 months and then sitting idle for the next 6, etc, etc? Thanks! McD
  5. McD

    Good deal on a '63 vert?

    Hi all, I am the proud owner of a '69 vert and am on the verge of buying a '63. It's got the correct block and most other engine components. The suspension has been upgraded using NOS, and when I took her for a spin, she was strong! It also includes the hardtop and a slew of spare parts from...
  6. McD

    ZR-1 or Grand Sport??

    If you had the opportunity to buy a '93 ZR-1 with over 100K miles for under $19K, or a '96 Grand Sport convertible with over 30K miles for just under $40K...which would you choose?? ;shrug McD
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