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  1. Jack64

    1964 Antenna to Radio Connection

    Installed new antenna and cable. Where does the antenna plug in to the radio? Cannot seem to locate a connecting point. As always, thank you
  2. Jack64

    Parking Brake Issue

    Put my '64 Coupe up for the Winter. Other day, I planned to roll it back a bit to change tire positioning. As I released the hand brake, it had NO resistance. The handle slid as if it wasn't attached. A quick visual inspection shows the cable is attached at the midway junction under the car...
  3. Jack64

    Help! Clutch Recommendation

    Must replace clutch. 327/365 hp, 4 speed, 3.70 rear. Car used for highway, town and country driving. No racing, however would like to use the power to get up to speed. Do not want heavy leg pressure required to activate. Friend recommended Luk 04-084. Another recommended McLeod (no part #)...
  4. Jack64

    Help! Can You Identify?

    Found this on my driveway. Did it come from '64 Coupe? If so, what is it? Thank you
  5. Jack64

    Help! Hard Shifting

    '64 has 502 miles since frame off restoration. Engine, rear, transmission re-built. New clutch. Hard shifting, especially into reverse. Must depress pedal to floor. Clutch seems to not fully release. Clutch adjustment is at the END of the threaded rod Condition worsens after driving for 30-45...
  6. Jack64

    Help! Power To Clock

    I removed my clock to clean and oil. Note: NO oil should ever be put on gears. Apply oil to pivot points only! Have no power to clock. Have checked fuses/ok Installed new ground/to no avail Harness and all wiring in car is new. Any thoughts?
  7. Jack64

    Question: Fast Idle Stuck On

    Thanks to LLC5 got engine timed and off we went to a Corvette show Sunday. We received rave reviews. On the way home, the fast Idle Stuck On. 1) Checked fast Idle screw. It is tight- has not moved 2) Cam and linkage free-working unimpeded 3) Choke loosened. When rotated, it does NOT move the...
  8. Jack64

    Help! Timing Problem 327/365 HP Engineose

    Car back on the road after 43 years in storage! Frame off restoration completed. Having difficulty finding the timing mark on the harmonic balancer so can time at 10 BTDC. Given I haven't done this in 43 years, I reviewed the process with a mechanic. My light is properly hooked up. In the...
  9. Jack64

    How to find original owner's name

    I purchased my 1964 Corvette in 1970. At the time, the State of Mass. did not have a title law. I am now applying for a title, which requires the name of the seller. Unfortunately, I cannot remember his name. Any thoughts on how I can locate his name?
  10. Jack64

    Help! C2 Wiper Blade Removal

    Have removed my wiper arms and want to replace the rubber blades only. I thought pinching the end tab would release the blade. Not so. Any assistance much appreciated (not that the car will ever see rain!) Regards
  11. Jack64

    Help! 64 Coupe Rear Window Trim

    Looking for SS, exterior, LH rear window trim (horizontal piece) Prefer original vs repro. Rgds
  12. Jack64

    Question: Attaching Center Arm Rest Cover

    What is the best method/adhesive to attach the center arm rest cover to the metal plate? Thank you, Jack64
  13. Jack64

    Help! Seat Belt installation 1964 Coupe

    Installing new seat belts in my 64 Coupe. 3 of the 4 mounting bolts (retro from Paagon) tightened nicely. The 4th bolt will NOT tighten It is located on the Driver's side, outboard. Threads are visible in the hole where the bolt installs, but it is as though the bolt is too small. Yes, I...
  14. Jack64

    Question: Model Holley carburetor?

    Attempting to determine what model Holley carburetor is on my 1964 Corvette, 327/365 HP. I believe it might be a 2818... I am planning to replace the problematic automatic choke. Unit was installed in 1972 to replace original carb. Numbers on float bowls are 4094 & 4099 Choke shield shows...
  15. Jack64

    Door Weatherstrip 64 Coupe

    About to install. Have read previous posts relative to preparation/installation. My Question: Which side gets glued? One side has a shallow 'rib', while other side is smooth. Any pics would greatly be appreciated Jack64
  16. Jack64

    Removing Vent Window Glass-64 Coupe

    Have vent windows removed as a unit. One has a broken stainless hinge that requires welding Question? How do I remove the glass from the vent window? Thank you Jack64
  17. Jack64

    Question: What is the purpose of this hole? My 1964 Coupe?

    This hole is located on both outboard positions, behind the rear seat tracks. They are: Not threaded Underneath, have a metal plate riveted to floor Are located above gussets, which are welded to frame Are they for a cable system? None listed for model year 1964. Note the seatbelts are...
  18. Jack64

    Help! Air Cleaner 1964 327/365 HP

    Seeking air cleaner for my 1964 327/365 HP coupe. Prefer original unit.
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