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    Question: Automatic Transmission Console Shifter Plate

    Anyone know of a place to get an Automatic Transmission Console Shifter Plate that does not have the rubberized coating? I replaced mine two years ago and it is not only just as sticky and nasty as the original one I replaced, the ashtray door is broken again too. ;squint:
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    Help! Rear Tail Light Problem

    My passenger side tail lights either do not blink or blink really slowly. The passenger side outer tail light is brighter than all the rest. Could the bright bulb be causing this?
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    Question: Heater Core

    My heater core is leaking onto the windshield. A well established Corvette repair shop in my area gave me an estimate of 950.00 to replace my heater core. I was told by a knowlegable buddy at work that I may have a pin hole in my heater core and I could seal it with a small amount of bars leak...
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    Question: Wet Door

    Whenever it rains, the bottom off the interior door panel is wet. I even have a cover on the car. Is this the result of the outer window seal or something from the bottom of the door/car? :ugh
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    Question: Car Cover

    Anyone have any suggestions on the best outdoor car cover that could be had for about $200?
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    Question: Battery Tender

    My vette is sitting outside this winter and I have a question on the use of a 1.5A battery tender. I have an outdoor extension cable ran from my outside outlet to under my driver side front tire. The cable is run through the tire well into the area under the driver side headlight where I have...
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    News: Putting the vette away for the winter... :(

    It is getting colder out here in KY and I finally called and paired down the insurance and put the vette away for the winter today until about March.... :cry The only positive thing about it is that by the time I get it back out in March, it will be PAID OFF! :happyanim: Then I can start...
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    Help! Radiator fluid does not return from recovery tank

    Radiator fluid does not return from recovery tank after engine cools down after engine shutdown. I have replaced the radiator cap, what else could cause this? :confused Eventully, the low coolant light will come on after a few days.
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    Question: Clear Coat

    My clear coat is commin off in spots. I have found clear coat sold in quart cans. Is it possiable to touch up clear coat? :confused
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    Question: Interior Door Trim

    The interior door trim on my passanger side door is loose. I looked down between the door and trim peice and found several pieces of fiberglass that the door trim is supposed to hang on. Several of mine are broken off and someone replaced one with a L shaped peice of sheet metal. My question...
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    Question: Light Valve Chatter

    I am hearing a little valve chatter when the engine is overnight cold on light acceloration. The chatter will go away when the engine reaches about 120 degrees. Could it be a small problem? ;shrug
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    Question: Saw Blade Corvette Rims

    Does the direction of the "saw blades" matter? I had some new Kumho Esta ASX tires installed on my vette today and when I got home, I noticed that the saw blades on the rims are pointing the other direction. :confused Though, at least all four wheels are pointing in the same way.. :L Are these...
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    Question: Shift boot on automatic

    I am getting ready to replace my center console top/tray and want to ask if the shift boot on a auto is attached to the console top/tray or is it attached to the gear selector assembly?
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    Fuel line hold down bracket

    Can anyone tell me where I can find the T shaped fuel line hold down bracket?
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    Question: An O2 Sensor went out..

    My check engine light came on the other day. I connected my scanner and found that the O2 sensor went out, the code was P0141 (O2 sensor heater circut sensor 2 on bank 1). How hard is it on the car if I occasionally drove it these last 3 or 4 weeks before winter storage?
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    LT4 LT4 Conversion kit

    Can anyone tell me how close a LT1 engine with the GM LT1 to LT4 conversion kit installed is to a LT4 engine from the plant? Is the only difference the top of the pistons maybe? I have an LT1 coupe and if I don't upgrade to a C5 or C6, I am considering the LT4 conversion kit after I pay my LT1...
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    Question: Portable Garage by Shelter Logic

    I am considering purchassing a Portable Garage by Shelter Logic (ShelterLogic - Home) and I wanted to ask for opinions. Are these garages suitable for storing a vette with a battery tender for the winter? The cost just a little more than a good vette cover and thought it would be an excellent...
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    Question: Small Oil Spots on Ground

    I have a small oil leak exspecially when it is almost time for my oil to be changed and then it goes away after the oil is changed. Has anyone else experienced this? I have only noticed about a half dollar coin size spot and a quarter size spot of oil on the ground when this happens. :ugh
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    Question: Noise comming from headlight motor

    Although I have read through some of the previous posts on the headlight motors, I wanted to ask if the bushings are my problem in my situation. When I turn on my headlights, my drivers side headlight pops up, but I can hear the motor continue to run and what sounds like bumping noise. Is that...
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    Question: PKE Question

    What does it mean if ones PKE light in the DIC stays on after the engine is started. Does the PKE (brain) unit need to be replaced? :confused
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