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  1. Shaggyvette

    Question: Jet Performance Chip

    For Sale-Jet Performance Chip Does anybody have the need for a Jet Performance Chip for an 82? I have one and don't need it anymore. If interested e-mail me and make an offer. Relco218@aol.com Thanks, Dave
  2. Shaggyvette

    82 parts for sale

    I have a couple of items for a 1982 that I don't need anymore. From DCS --the special tool for adjusting the fuel presure. Also have a new aldl cable to hook your car up to your computer and get a read out of the car's performance. Check the aldl site for down load of the program. $40. for the...
  3. Shaggyvette

    For Sale

    I have a like new ALDL connector for sale. This will work on 82-95 Vettes. $40. shipping included. Also have the fuel pressure adjustment tool for 82 Crossfire. $40.shipping included. These items are sold. Thanks.
  4. Shaggyvette

    Power Seat Switch for an 82.

    Does anybody know if I can use a switch from an early 80's or 90's GMC car to replace my broken switch in the 82? Not really worried about originality and a new one is over $150. Thanks for any help. Dave
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