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  1. xlr8shn

    Who has rebuilt their 81 carb?

    Am considering rebuilding the carb in my wife's 81 C3. Who here has done this? Any pointers? How much did you spend for the rebuild kit? It's either rebuild it, or replace it with a 600 cfm Edelbrock and bypass the ECM. Since car is completely stock, I am leaning toward the rebuild of the...
  2. xlr8shn

    Who has replaced Carb, Intake, and Dist?

    Alright, anyone here removed/replaced/rebuilt the computer controlled quadrajet, intake, and distributor from their L81's? I am pondering the addition of: 1) Edelbrock Performer Intake manifold (#350-2101 @ $114) 2) Edelbrock Performer Series Carb (#350-1400 @ $265) 3) GM HEI distributor...
  3. xlr8shn

    Check Engine

    What's the procedure for determining what is setting off the "Check Engine" light in my wife's 1981 Corvette? It is completely stock. Thanks!
  4. xlr8shn

    1981: RPO codes found where?

    Quick and hopefully obvious question for a C3 n00b here... Where are the RPO codes found on a 1981 C3? Thanks in advance
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