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  1. 76Stingray

    Question: 1997 Corvette - Secondary Air Pump Replacement

    My '97 is with a local dealership service that I really trust. They have treated me very well for the past 4 years. They are telling me that my Secondary Air Pump has failed and requires replacement. Unfortunately, the part is no longer carried, and they have been unable to locate one...
  2. 76Stingray

    Question: 1997 Targa Top Repair

    I just purchased a 1997 that came with 2 tops. The original has a 3" crack in it near the front driver side corner. The second is a new aftermarket which leaks because it is clearly not a perfect fit. I would like to have the original repaired. I've read some articles that say if the frame...
  3. 76Stingray

    1976 Engine with 1965 Heads - Problem?

    I bought my '76 Vette 3 years ago at Bloomington Gold and have loved the car ever since. It won't win a lot of races, but I was always surprised as how much zip she does have for a '76. This weekend I found the reason. Somewhere in this car's life, someone installed 1965 Camelback (double...
  4. 76Stingray

    Hard to start after a week

    My 1976 Stingray is only allowed out of the house on the weekends, so after a full weekend of driving and tinkering with no starting issues whatsoever, she sits in the garage and rests until Friday night comes around. I have to pump the gas and crank the engine many many times before she fires...
  5. 76Stingray

    Dif Cover Tabs

    Discovered that the two rear tabs on my diff cover that hold the rear spring are both broken. It rides and drives fine, but this obviously needs to be addressed. Due to financial and time limitations, I'd rather wait until I tuck her away for the winter before I start this project. That...
  6. 76Stingray

    Buzzer Always On

    I just replaced the lock cylinder and cancel cam in my 76 Stingray. During disassembly, the plastic piece that comes off right after the steering wheel (don't know the name for sure, but I think its the C-ring plastic retainer) just crumbled in my hand and could not be reused. I finished the...
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