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    Testing for vettevrooom

    Testing log in... -Rob
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    Just Testing

    Testing login and posting functions for Vettevrooom -Rob
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    Bumper Paint Cracks - Repair or New Bumper

    Two years ago someone backed into my left rear bumper & ended up with a few fine cracks in the paint that have now spread to about a foot long area. Can this be fixed or is it better to buy a new bumper rather than have problems with it?? Is there a place in northern Chicagoland area you would...
  4. Vettevrooom

    Center Caps How To Make Polished Aluminum Look Shiny Like Chrome

    I bought after market chrome wheels, replica of 2000 ones. I want to use the center caps with flag from the polished aluminum OF ones. It is very close but wondered if anyone knows if I could spray them with high gloss clear to make them look the same. I don't want to ruin them by doing the...
  5. Vettevrooom

    How to Replace Heat/AC Display Bulb

    I'm looking for help getting to the interior bulb behind the heat/ac display window. How do I take the panel off?? I searched and found nothing so far. Thanks!
  6. Vettevrooom

    2000 Original Mag Wheels

    They have sold.
  7. Vettevrooom

    Service Column Lock - How to fix?

    Does anyone know what to do to correct a problem with a readout of "Service Column Lock". The car will only go a foot or so before shutting off. The vette shop had supposedly gotten a part from a dealer for a similar recall and fixed that but they don't know what this is. They said since...
  8. Vettevrooom

    Storing Car on Blocks is Not Done Now?

    I thought I read back in the fall where someone explained why you should not put a car on blocks, that it is an old theory and it ruins the car or tires? Does anyone remember that or know the theory for why it shouldn't be done? Thank you much! :w
  9. Vettevrooom

    Vortex Air Intake Any Warnings/Suggestions for Install?

    I have one that my son and his friend are going to install next week. I'm looking for any suggestions they should have beforehand from those who have experience with this one. Also, are there any solutions to working in such a tight space? Thank you all, will be back later, must take other...
  10. Vettevrooom

    How to clean leather console to install emblem.

    I have a question about what to use to clean the leather console before applying one of the emblems? I don't want to ruin the leather but figure I should get the leather polish off first. Thanks for your help.
  11. Vettevrooom

    What is Computer Chip for Speed

    I'm going tomorrow to look at a 2000 coupe with glass top & all the option toys & 28,000 miles. He assures me it has not been raced, BUT says the only mod his brother put on it was a computer chip. I asked what it was for and he said for speed. What is this, my son does mods on his MR2 but is...
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