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  1. Jeff Henning

    1998 Pace Car for sale

    Looks like new. Only 43K miles. New wheels and tires. Original pace car wheels and floormats in boxes.
  2. Jeff Henning

    History on six speed transmission

    I am sure someone out there can tell me what year Corvette switched over from the German six speed to the Borg model. Also, is the Borg shift a bit shorter and stiffer than the older one? Jeff
  3. Jeff Henning

    1989 Six Speed Coupe

  4. Jeff Henning

    Rock Chip Repair

    My '89 has been taken good care of and the paint looks great. However a few stones have bounced off the fromt end and taken paint with them. Has anyone had success touchin up these little buggers. I have found a touch up kit by Mothers #101857 for $39.95 and am tempted to give it a try. Any...
  5. Jeff Henning

    Now that's a switch

    I mostly read and learn from this great forum but I have a problem that I have not seen discussed before. My drivers seat recliner switch appears to be shot(power in, no power out). I was told that GM no longer sells the switch and the only way I could get one was to find a used one. Does...
  6. Jeff Henning

    When does the small fan turn on?

    My main fan turns on at about 129 and cools it right down but the fan in front of the radiator never turned on while sitting in the garage. Just curious??? :confused Jeff
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