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  1. Sting Ray

    Grand Sport 2010 MY: Return of the Grand Sport

    You think the '96 GS is a good tribute to the orginal? You really need to read up on your Corvette history. Tom M
  2. Sting Ray

    Question: Dealer info question

    Can a GM dealership hook the car up to an OBD plug to download recalls etc, or can anyone run a carfax for me? Tom M
  3. Sting Ray


    P.M. me your adress. TomMcCabe
  4. Sting Ray

    Sway Bar Bushings

    Does anyone have a good way to compress new sway bar bushings enough to actually mount them with the stock bolts? Thanks, Tom M
  5. Sting Ray

    Woodward Dream cruise Posters

    Guys, good news www.chevymall.com Has 18 of the Dream Cruise psters for sale in 12x36 posters for $19.95 a piece. Tom M
  6. Sting Ray

    Last 67

    I can't believe they even got the last purchase price for the car, you could have bought 3 L-36's with A/C for that price, but TM sure could talk a good game.
  7. Sting Ray

    VNV (Mark) A picture request

    Mark could you post a pic, or email me a pic of where the piping comes together on your Jackboard, finally opened mine up to lay it out to get ready to do it, and i think it might be sewn wrong. Thanks, Tom M
  8. Sting Ray

    John Z Great Article!!!!!

    Read the current issue of CE at work today (it was alittle slow :D) Great article about the A.O. Smith body plant in it. I don't think I have ever seen that much info on the "Other" body plant ever before in one article or text. I also see that another member helped with a pic. for the article...
  9. Sting Ray

    Happy Birthday..........

    JohnZ, Thanks for answering all of our questions, sometimes more than once to different people, but the age on the homepage must be wrong :D Hope you had a great day. Tom M
  10. Sting Ray

    Interesting Picture Link

    I wonder how many of the cars in this wreck are comming back from the dead. Tom M http://forum.conceptcarz.com/forums/46795/ShowPost.aspx
  11. Sting Ray


    Bob, I didn't know how to link to the thread so I brought it to the top. Urban legends at Carlilse. Thanks Again, Tom McCabe
  12. Sting Ray

    Future Urban Legends At Carlisle.

    First Future urban legend: " The guy who bought a '67 and turned out to be a '72" Mike Winer bought a '72 Yellow convertible to match his '67 Yellow 'vert which needed a hood release cable, so he is driving the 72 through the vendors looking for one, he stops at one vendor and asks " Got a...
  13. Sting Ray


    Can anyone tell me the cost to ship tires from TireRack? Thanks, Tom M
  14. Sting Ray

    NCRS question 1967

    Since the hood release cabels were in place during blackout, I assume the one from side to side is black correct? Thanks, Tom M
  15. Sting Ray

    Sidepipe vendors.

    Does anyone know any vendors for sidepipes besides Sweetthunder, Allen's and the other places, like any sets of NOS pipes? TIA, Tom M
  16. Sting Ray

    Hey VNV

    Have we had a reunion yet? Tom M
  17. Sting Ray

    Barry any paint update?

    Have you had any luck with paint yet? Just wondering haven't heard anything in a couple of days. Tom M
  18. Sting Ray


    I was looking through my old Carlisle pics, and found one I would like to use for my avatar, can someone tell me how to resize it for the small size. Tom
  19. Sting Ray

    Turkey Run in Daytona.....

    Anyone going to go? Tom M
  20. Sting Ray

    Does anyone else read corvette trader?

    And see in this months issue Terry M. from Proteam is selling his personal 7 1957's for $650,000, and in the same issue he has a few 57's for less than $80K that are bloomington and NCRS certified? They must be worth more since his name is on the title right :D Tom
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