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  1. CeeFive

    Mint one owner 2008 Z06!!!

    I have finally talked myself in to parting with my Z06. I ordered this car from McMulkin and it has spent its life mostly as a garage queen and frequenting car shows. This car has almost never failed to take a best in show in class trophy right up until 2 weeks ago so that should say a lot about...
  2. CeeFive

    Comp Gray Speedline OEM ZO6 wheels for sale

    I am selling my comp gray wheel from my ZO6. I bought them unused in the box and mounted them, drove about 50 miles and have now pulled them off. I am going with the larger cup wheels for a different look. These are Speedline OEM wheels with GM center caps. As with most of these wheels the caps...
  3. CeeFive

    Brand new "Smoothie" FRC's for ZO6 in VR

    Selling a new set of fuel rail covers done in Victory Red for a C6 ZO6 done by Kewl Corp. They were never installed on the car and are still in the box. These are the same Southern Car Parts sell for 319.00 plus shipping and a 4 week wait. You can have these now for 225.00 shipped. I dedcided...
  4. CeeFive

    Price increase on new ZO6

    They just announced the price increase on the new Z of over 3500. I wonder how this will affect the market?
  5. CeeFive

    Best price on Motorcity hood?

    Looking for the best price available on a Motorcity hood.
  6. CeeFive

    Long tube header gains vs problems

    I have an 02 coupe with Z catbacks and a Blackwing and I am thinking of installing the best headers I can get, either LG or TPIS.I also need to get the best high flow cats that will not alter emissions. I am wondering what I can realisticaly expect to gain with this setup and what the problems...
  7. CeeFive

    What is THE best battery?

    Come spring I am looking to change my battery for something good. Still get that "Charge system fault" every now and then and it has been to the dealer twice. They tightened up the connection below the battery but say all else looks good. It seems to come up when I have not driven the car for a...
  8. CeeFive

    Winter storage questions

    I want to get my C5 off the concrete floor for the winter months. I live in a coastal area where there is a slim, but real possibility of water getting in the garage in the event of a really serious storm. It has happened before.(About 3 inches during a Northeaster with extreme high tide) I...
  9. CeeFive

    Electrical ground problem? Help!

    My car has a code that comes up now and then "Charge system fault". I have been told it is a possible grounding problem, but it looks good around the battery. Car has 4000 miles. Now the radio (when turned on) starts a fairly heavy buzzing when the headlights are turned on and after shutting...
  10. CeeFive

    "Traction control warming up?"

    Got this message yeasterday upon starting my car." Traction control warming up" , then it changed to "warming complete" or something like that. Anyone know what thats all about? Thanks.
  11. CeeFive

    What's "Charge system fault" code mean?

    Every once in a while I get a code that reads "Charge system fault" when I first start the car. It quickly goes away and won't return while driving. Is this a problem in my system or is it just that my battery may be getting low, tripping this code, as I do not drive the car everyday? Any info...
  12. CeeFive

    Installing ZO6 side vents

    Has anyone got photos of installing side vents(ZO6 Style) and basic instructions? I was wondering if there is a template available for the cut hole. Would love to hear from anyone who has done this.:)
  13. CeeFive

    New Vararam VR Velocity stack

    Has anyone tried one of these new VR Velcoty stacks from the makers of Vararam and are they any good? (You can see them on their website) Like everything else we can think of to bolt on these cars, its supposed to increase horsepower, increase gas mileage etc., etc. or does it just lighten your...
  14. CeeFive

    Which X pipe is the best?

    Can anyone tell me which X-pipe you think is best and would bolt up with the least amount of hassle? Also, What can I expect to gain, if anything? I have a ZO6 Catback on a 02 coupe and I really like the exhaust.. Thanks
  15. CeeFive

    Best looking C5 hood?

    I always thought the C5 should have a slightly more aggressive hood than it has. Some aftermarket hoods are overkill, while others don't look quite right. So.... Whats everyone's favorite aftermarket hood?
  16. CeeFive

    Charging system fault???

    My car is running fine , but the last 6 or 8 times I have started it I get the "charging system fault "code for a few seconds. Anyone know what this means? Thanks.
  17. CeeFive

    Tuning really necessary with Backwing?

    Lots of disputes on which air intake is best, but I would like to know if the re-learn is enough (to prevent running too lean) or if a re-programing is necessary with a Blackwing or similar intake to bring the engine specs to where they should be in terms of fuel/air. Seems most are just running...
  18. CeeFive

    spotty lamination of rear window on coupe

    Has anyone noticed the spotty look of the rear window especially in the sun on the coupe? Is this a common problem? Mine has been getting quite a bit worse and it spends little time in the sun. It almost looks as if the laminations were not done quite right or something. It has that look that...
  19. CeeFive

    C5 Top retainer adjustments?

    Does anyone know how to tighten up the retainers that hold the coupe top in place in the interior rear compartment? Mine rattles while hitting bumps and you can actually pull it out from the bottom without unclipping the two locks by just lifting up a little, which makes me a little nervous...
  20. CeeFive

    Anyone NOT run their front plate?

    How many of you DON'T run their front license plate out there in states that require it and how many have been stopped for it? I just hate the way it looks.
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