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    Air intake swap

    I had posted this on the general discussion forum but wasn't getting much feedback so I will try here. The straps holding the airbox together finally broke in my 98 C5 so since I have to take the entire air intake off to fix it I thought I would swap it out for a Blackwing. As you know there...
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    What's this?

    Since the straps that hold the air filter in the air box have finally broken on my 98 C5 I plan on changing out the air intake all together and noticed this hose on the flexible connector between the air bridge and the throttle body. If I replace the ribbed connector with a smooth one it seems...
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    air conditioner compressor

    So oil is leaking out of my air conditioner compressor in my 98. It still works fine but it is only a matter of time before it dies. Is replacement the only fix or is there some trick to service a sealed unit at substantially less cost?
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    Oil Pressure Gauge @ 80

    I noticed my oil pressure gauge was pegged at 80 (DIC reading of 129). Took the vette to the dealer and he said the sending unit needed replaced after he tested for shorts. He also said they had to pull the manifold and do some other stuff to get to it. They wanted $500 for the job. These...
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