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  1. Diver

    Fuel Sending Unit

    Howdy Ya'll My fuel gauge will not drop below the three quarter mark. When I fill the tank up, the needle will go past the full mark though but never falls below the three quarter mark.:eyerole I am thinking Fuel Sending Unit. Any thoughts on this? Anyone ever had the need to replace a fuel...
  2. Diver

    what is it?

    what is the red electrical thigamagig that sits to the rear of the carb on passenger side. it must be some kind of sensor. anyway, mine ticks intermittently. is it suppose to at all. if not i guess i had better replace it. but don't know what it is. any help. thanks. terry
  3. Diver

    Fuel Gauge/sending Unit??

    Does the gas tank have to be removed to replace the fuel sending unit on a 1981? Any little things I should know before starting this project or hiring it out? Thanks, Terry
  4. Diver

    Transmission Hunts...

    My transmission has just started recently to slip back and forth between speeds of 35 to 55. It just seems to do it. When I step on the gas and and run it up to 65mph it doesn't do it. It's not really downshifting but like when a conventional auto with OD slips in out out. Some days when...
  5. Diver

    Oil Change on 81

    I posted on the wrong page I think. Okay try again. My 81 sits so low I can't get under it to change oil and filter. I've only had this car 2 wks. I bought Rhino Ramps but still too low. What do you folks do? Also, is there any reason not to take that front rubber spoiler off underneath...
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