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  1. safety_match

    Convertible Top

    Is there any reason why a later model convertible top (with glass rear window) could not be installed in a '90 roadster that originally has a plastic window? I can only imagine that it shouldn't make any difference with any year C4...the top itself should be the same. thanks
  2. safety_match

    Poll wanted

    I don't know how to set up for a poll, but I'd be interested in how many miles / year our members put on their Corvettes. Age and series are unimportant, just a poll showing how many miles per year. Just divide the total car miles by how many years old. Can someone do this or has this poll...
  3. safety_match

    Fault Codes by Paperclip

    I found a good website with easy to follow instructions on how to use a paperclip to generate engine fault codes. Credit goes to http://www.obd1.com/ The Quick Paper Clip Test Since we are looking at the connector pins, it should be mentioned here that a quick method to see which trouble...
  4. safety_match


    I have purchased a good used ABS computer. As the existing computer is in a tight spot I would like to test the new computer before going to the trouble of making a swap. Ideally, I would like to drive the car around for a couple days to make sure it fixes the problem...
  5. safety_match

    Tire Change Machines

    I have not yet had the need to find a tire shop to change this car's tires, but I have seen the results of a bad tire change to good condition wheels. What kind of tire machine / tire shop should one stay away from and what kinds are wheel friendly? I don't mind paying more for a good job...
  6. safety_match

    ABS Computer

    I am waiting for delivery of a used ABS computer that I purchased on E-BAY to put into my 90. Is the replacement just a simple plug and play? Does it need flashing or any other kind of setup? I am hoping that I just remove the old one and replace it with this one and away it goes. thanks...
  7. safety_match


    Just a dumb question...isn't the 1990 L98 an aluminum engine thus requiring an aluminum compatible antifreeze?
  8. safety_match

    Steering Wheel Tilt

    As we all know, getting out of our cars can be a test. I generally use the steering wheel to help me pull myself out but if I put more than just a mild bit of weight on it the tilt collapses. Even on a slalom course, if I get carried away the tilt collapses as well. Kind of fun putting it...
  9. safety_match

    Canadians Beware Corvette America

    I want to warn Canadians to be careful on ordering from Corvette America and what the consequences can be. I recently bought a passenger side power seat track and both side window outside seals from Corvette America. 1. The power seat track has a core charge (meaning they charge you $125 U.S...
  10. safety_match

    Window Seal Install

    Received two new outer window seals for my 90. I found great instructions on how to remove the old ones which is now done. Having great difficulty in installing the new one. There are 7 clips on it which slip into 7 holes on the inner door, but I'll be darned if I can get them all in. It...
  11. safety_match

    re & re seat track

    I just received my new rebuilt passenger-side power seat track (1990 vert). Installation seems pretty straight forward, but I have one question...after I remove the seat cushion, does the rest of the seat and the track come out in one piece and then the track is replaced on the seat? Or does...
  12. safety_match

    1990 Abs

    I am looking for the ABS computer for a 1990. Does anyone know factually what year ABS computers are the same? EBAY has 3 on auction...an 86-89 unit...a 90-96...and a 92-94. Who's zooming who here? thanks, Safety
  13. safety_match

    ABS Module

    When I bought my 1990 two years ago I bought it with the information from the previous owner that the ABS Module needed replacing. When you initially start up the car there is no warning light, but within a mile or so the light comes on. I'm ok with driving it without ABS but I'd like to...
  14. safety_match

    RPO Questions

    1. I understand that the RPO codes detail the components and options that a particular vehicle has, but what exactly do the letters RPO stand for? 2. On my car I was able to interpret most of the codes but there are still 11 out of 37 that I couldn't find. Where can I find a complete list...
  15. safety_match

    1990 Shifter Knob

    I need to remove my automatic shifter knob so that I can remove the console. I know that somewhere in this site there is supposed to be a direction, but I'm stumped...I can't find it. Can anyone direct me? If there isn't instructions, can someone tell me how it comes off? Thanks, safety
  16. safety_match

    Replace a Bose

    My Bose sytems works good. It's only problem is that it has no CD player...only the cassette. Is there a radio / CD player that will work without modifying the rest of the sytem? Ideally I would like to keep the existing wiring and speakers because I do not want to stray too far away from...
  17. safety_match


    My '90 still has the original paint and is very shiny because it's always been covered and waxed regularly. However, it has a couple very very small rock chips in it that go right through the paint and show white. I have a small bottle of touch-up paint that I'd like to use on these spots but...
  18. safety_match

    Cruise Control Light

    My cruise control works fine but where should I see the "on" light on the dash when it is being used? It must be burned out. Thanks, Safety
  19. safety_match

    Need plate

    Need help to find a part. I can't find it in any catalogue that I have. It is the plastic plate underneath the power seat switches for both seats. This switch is on the console between the shifter and the glove box. The switches themselves work fine but I need replacement plates. If you...
  20. safety_match

    Warning Lights

    Last week both the airbag (INFL/REST) light and the seat belt light came on and have both been on ever since. Is there a simple explanation? I don't know about the air bag but the seat belts are used when we are in it.
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