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    FS: C5Z06 chrome repro wheels, Kumho tires, 2001-2004 TPMS

    Have a nice set of chrome Z06 wheels with Kumho 245/45/17 SPTs in front and Kumho 295/35/18 MXs on the rears; non-runflats. Tires have between 5k and 10k miles of them. New style TPMS sensors are about 2 years old. Center caps have C5 logo decals. OEM sized front tires look a little stretched...
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    FS: Chrome repro C5Z06 wheels

    Sorry no pics. Prefer Northern CA sale only; will not ship. Chrome C5Z06 wheels with Kumho tires: fronts SPT 245/45/17, rears MX 295/35/18 with less than 10k miles on them; probably closer to 5k. Wheels have nice chrome center caps with decal C5 logos. Chrome caps for stock lug nuts available...
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    installing new brake rotors and pads

    After 46k miles on my 2001 M6 Coupe and a 2k road trip coming up I thought it was about time for new brakes. Found a set of slotted & dimpled (not cross drilled) rotors AND semi-metallic pads for $409 shipped. A little bling to add to my mostly stock C5. So my question is: aside for the...
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    Regular C5s going to SCCA Solo A-Stock

    SCCA Solo II planning to separate "regular" C5's from C5 Z06's. Z06s to remain in SS while C5s will be slotted into A-Stock. This may get me back into SCCA since I did not relish running my "stock" C5 coupe against Z06's. Supposedly FRCs will also go to AS.
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    All tire pressure sensors read XXX

    Went on a 75 miles drive today and checked the tire pressures about 10 miles into my drive. Pressures read 28 all around which is about 2lbs lower than my dial gauge read a couple of days ago. After about 50 freeway miles checked again (I check often since I run non-runflat Kumho MXs and want...
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    Painted helmet

    Attended a Jets and Vettes GTG and found someone to paint my helmet. Check this out in the link below. Really like what he did to "Jake" in the back of the helmet. Login
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    Question: Kumho Ecsta XS rear sizing question

    Interested in the Kumho Ecsta XS 180 rating for autocross/street use to be mounted on stock OEM '01 thins spokes. Fronts match the stock 245/45/17 while the closest size for the rears are 275/35/18 (stock rears are 275/40/18). Front diameter 25.7 while the 275/35/18 are 25.6. Some say having a...
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    Winter mods

    No I probably won't see snow in Napa but I wanna mod this winter away. Currently: 01 Coupe M6 F45 with B&B PRT catbacks, K&N filter with zip tie mod (open air box), repro Z06 wheels with Kumho MX tires. Good street handler; can't put the power down most autocross courses. Solutions: repro...
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    Rear hatch latch

    The rear hatch latch has always been a problem for my C5 especially the passenger side. Comparing the two (left vs. right), I realized that the left side latch is firmly in place and doesn't move while there is a lot of movement on the right side. Any tech tips on how to access the latch and...
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    Notes on Napa to Cruisefest road trip in C5

    Just some trip notes in 2001 C5 Coupe 6-speed. Left Napa, CA Sunday 6/24 and returned Sunday 7/1 Two adults, two Dachshunds and their travel kennel, medium sized cooler, soft sided luggage for the humans, goodie bag, dog goodie bag, 3 pair shoes and 2 pair flip flops for wife, 2 pair shoes...
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    Cruisefest caravan from CA

    Posting in C5 general to see any interest in hooking up in a caravan to Colorado Springs from Northern CA. Leaving on Sunday, 6/24 taking 80 from Napa to Reno, then 50 to Ely, NV for first night. Then 50/70 to Grand Junction, CO for 2nd night. Then roll on in to Colorado Springs on Tuesday...
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    Valentine or Escort

    Looking towards a safe Cruisefest 2007 trip. Considering a radar detector purchase. Leaning towards Valentine at this time. Other forums also heavy on Valentine. CAC recommendation?
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    Hatch ajar draining battery?

    Battery was dead this weekend. Jumped it and seemed to charge up fine. Only issue I could think of was that the hatch was ajar. Could that have drained the battery over a week's time?
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    Battery draining; dead

    Last Sunday the battery was completely dead. Needed a jump from AAA to get started. It was an excuse to drive so I did about 30 minutes. The voltmeter in the DIC started at about 12.9. After about 15 minutes showed about 14.1. By the time I got home and shut it down showed 14.0. The following...
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    Silverado intake and exhaust

    Just purchased a 2002 Chevy Silverado 1500 extended Cab with the 5.3 V8. Will mods to the intake (K&N FIPK system) and/or exhaust (Flowmaster) help performance in any way (or is it only in the eyes and ears of the beholder).
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    C6 vs CAD-V types

    Recent article in Road & Track focused on the new Cadillac V machines. I'm not sure how I feel about Cadillacs approaching (surpassing?) Corvette performance. Will it take away from the Corvette mystique or add to it? The proposed XLR-V could very well give a base C5-6 a good run. While I...
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