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    '57/58 283 (corvette?) FS

    283 #3737739,Build Date D98, Exhaust Manifold (1) 3733975, Head #3731589 Build Date A2157, 4-brl Intake #3837109 W/Roch. This motor was pulled from a '54 Chev PU 20? 30? plus years ago and has been sitting in a barn since. I dont know much beyond that but it is in excellent original appearing...
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    '58 corvette 283? Casting # questions

    I recently purchased a 283 that had been sitting in the back of a barn for the last 40-50 years and I'm having trouble identifying if it is a 'vette motor or just a hodge-podge of misc. chev. parts. I'm told the motor was a 58 corvette 283 that was put into a 54 chev PU in the late 60's and the...
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