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    Some tuning and exhaust questions

    OK so I have a 05 Mag Red Z51 6 speed. It has just turned 20k miles. Am thinking about moving up to Z06, but aside from the battery going dead I really love this car. If i keep it, Id like to do a few mods- I was told by a local LS motor tuner around here that I could get 25 HP with a...
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    Wondering about moving up...

    Reading that other thread about steep discounts got me to thinking about trading up to a Z06. Only because I think my car is at that sweet spot where it is 2 years old with fairly low milage on it (about 15k) not a scratch on her and in perfect shape. However, if prices are discounted so...
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    Valve taps when cold

    Dont drive my 05 all that much, but I noticed when I start it lately that Im hearing valve taps . They go away within a few minutes, and oil pressure gage reads fine. I changed oil about 2000 miles ago, and this never happened during the summer, but it hasn't been all that cold around here...
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    Dead battery again

    Was all set to go out on Tues. nite when I notice no security light flashing, I knew that meant one thing, and I was right. Man was I pi**ed. I just shook my head didnt want to call roadside cause I had to leave, so took my other car and called them in morning. These dealers are clueless...
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    Are they gonna put "427" on a Z06?

    I decided to sell my 05 Z51 and purchase a new Z06. Only thing I want to know is that if I can have it GM badge delete, and if and when Chevy will put a 427 emblem somewhere on the car.
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    Baldwin Motion Vettes

    One thing I love about my C6 is the exposed lights, specifically the parking lamps, which so much remind my of a 69-72 Motion Vette, with the fabbed in lights. I just wish mine were clear, instead of amber. Dont like the amber. Is there anyway to change that bulb to a clear one?
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    Any online assembly plant videos?

    Like Bowling Green? Or still shots? Do you have to have a Vette on order to take a tour of the plant?
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    Took off front outside spoilers

    After just too many brushes with my driveway, the front side spoilers just got too beat up and detracted from my front end, looks wise. Now it just looks so much cleaner. Much better look, unless yours is brand new and armor all'ed. Left the center section on that thing obviously sends air...
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    Question about chrome rims

    Am thinking about switching my polished aluminum rims to chrome rims. Went on a site and they mentioned an exchange. Just wondering if anyone has done this, and if they did it with a local or long distance company. The questions that come up are: Do you ship the whole tire and rim, and...
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    Best place to get new front and side grill screens

    A guy at a Vette show recomended West Coast Corvette. Dont know if i like the style of grill. I think I like like like a criss cross pattern, like maybe a smaller version of a 67 GTO grill screen. Know what I mean? Can any of you steer me in the right direction? Just want to compare all before I...
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    Some questions and answers

    Some answers first- Now that I am a respected (ahem cough) member of the CAC I feel it is my duty to keep prospective lurkers (that I myself was not to long ago) in the loop. I do possess a BSD (Bull S*#t degree) in Automotive Journalism, so I will opine without hesitation general thoughts and...
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    Totally impressed driving this car in rain

    Well I really didnt want to do it, but can you believe we ran out of room for large presents in my kids rented Trail Blazer, and I saw that the back of my car would swallow them up easily, and i havent washed my car yet, and its only been out of the garage on dry days, but I told myself dude...
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    Got C6 last nite, first drive impression

    Wow is not all I could say. This is a stunning, beautiful car. Spun the rear tires getting on highway from dealer, in heavy Xmas shopping traffic. Very light clutch. Just drove it slow, in the right lane up Rt 17 here in Jersey, and settled in and just get a feel for car. Nice 6 speed, short...
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    Intro and maybe first Vette

    Good morning all, and thanks for having me aboard. Im new to Vettes, had a 99 SS Camaro vert a few years ago, now Im thinkin I dont need a back seat so all of a sudden a Vette comes into the picture. I think these cars are beautiful, like I said never really an interest other than looking, but...
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