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    Source for backets to mount 82 Grand Am steering rack?

    Read about it in a post somewhere recently, now can't find the source and can't remember the name. Appreciate any leads.
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    Anyone try the 6 Link rear suspension setup?

    After discovering the shortfalls with the rear suspension and looking for upgrades, I discovered this. It seems to be so much easier than adapting a C4 like some folks have done. Just wondering about feedback from anyone that's tried it. 6-Link Rear Suspension (article about the original...
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    Question: E4ME low rpm throttle response and mileage with mild engine upgrade

    Bought a decent running 81 several years ago, THEN found out the unique problems that can occur in the rear suspension and hubs/brakes. Yup, I've got em! I mean the problems. I work away from home most of the time so the car has been sitting since I discovered that. Now, however, I'm doing...
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    Question: How bad - or not so bad - is the stock electronic QJet?

    Just reviewing and thinking thru, as best as possible, all the options for my very budget top end & cam upgrade on my 81, so I have to also consider that carb and whether it's anywhere's close to good enuf to keep for a very mild upgrade or is it just hopeless? I've got an oem shop manual and...
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    Question: Rear spring rates on an 81

    When I took my diff out to rebuild it, the spring clamp part (not the bracket on the diff) on the single leaf fiberglass spring fell into pieces and I can't find just that part anywhere without buying a whole new spring. Actually, that probly wouldn't be a bad idea, anyway, with that probly...
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    Question: Best intake port size / flow for this engine?

    I guess I should have just said best port flow, not size. Any idea for the optimum intake port flow for a mild cam (206 @ 050 & .435 lift) to support about 320 hp at 4500/5000 rpm on a 9-1 cr 350 inch engine? I'm trying to figure which of 2 heads will not leave any power on the table at...
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    Question: Deck clearance on L81?

    Planning some mild mostly top end engine and drivetrain upgrades to my 81 so I can take some longer trips after I retire and get good mileage while still improving mid range throttle response. The one bit of information I can't find is the deck to piston clearance on a stock L81 engine. I can...
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    Question: Deck height on stock engine?

    I'm finally getting around to finishing my plans for a mild upgrade on my 81 I bought a few years ago in preparation for some trips after I retire. I'm working on a mild upgrade that will yield better throttle response but also good mpg's preferably on 87 so I can afford those trips. The big...
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