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    TH350 Transmission Fluid problem

    We have a stock TH350 in a '76 C3. We replaced the radiator with one from summit racing without the oil cooler. We then attached a B&M transmission cooler to the transmission and it flows well. Once the engine is running the fluid level is fine but as soon as we turn off the fluid level goes sky...
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    Holly 650 part

    ;help I am looking for a throttle plate for my Holly 650 carburetor . The one on my carb has a crack on the throttle plate. Thanks in advance Frank Antigua, West Indies ferraza@candw.ag
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    76 Ignition Gremlin!!!

    We are getting ready to start the engine for the first time since the resto but have come up on a problem with the ignition. When we try to start the engine by turning the key the starter makes a fast clicking sound but the engine dosent turn over at all. Now when we take a set of jumper cables...
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    Wanted:77 Starter Motor jumper harness

    :v I am looking for a starter motor jumper harness for my 77 Vette.
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    temp.sending unit

    On my 77 Vette the temp. sending unit is on the right side just above the starter is this right is this correct.
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    Difference between the 76' and 77' Brake booster?

    Does anyone know the difference between the 76' and 77' brake boosters? They have different part numbers. I have both but have to decide which one is best to use on my 77'. They both fit but just dont know why they have different part numbers.
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    72 tail light panel question.

    I was wondering if the 72 tail light panel was an attachment to the rear deck panel like how the rear bumper is on the 74-82. If it is can it be removed and put on a 74? I prefer to see the pre 74 rear panels than the bulging (crash protection??) 74 up ones.
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    77 Vette. Body

    I am looking for a body shell for a 77 Corvette and the BIRD CAGE must be in good condition with no rust I do not need the chassy .
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    77 Resto major problem

    We are in the process of restoring a 77. The sills were all but rusted out and also the upper left window frame. We had these replaced with new ones. We had to customize the firewall to fit after we got the birdcage back and now we find that the right door pillar is short by a 1/4 inch. The...
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    77' Door restoration question

    Hi all. I have now reached the interior of my 77 resto project and have decided to start with the doors. They have a bit of rust on the rear corner seams and the working components inside look like they have some surface rust and are quite dirty ( it was sitting for a good while in weather when...
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    Question: 77 & up to 69-72 Front Bumper Conversion

    Basically can I modify my 77 front bumper assembly to accept a 69-72 front bumper setup? Prefer the short nose of the 69-72 than the long bumper of the 77 and up. Also, where can I get an exploded view of a 69-72 front bumper assembly.
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