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  1. J

    Corvette Scam On Autotrader?

    is there anyway to run this vin 1G1YY26E665109240 other than a carfax to find out any info on this car? I know ford has the oasis report didnt know if chevrolet or any members had access to something like this. Something seems fishy about this car and the emails im getting like this one below...
  2. J

    Ron Fellows Z06 registry?

    Is their anywere I can find out who got or was sold to a certain ron fellows zo6? the Z06 in question is number #355. Im waiting on the vin to see if the ad is legit but Im thinking its not Thanks
  3. J

    Car Covers

    Hey Guys what is the best car cover to get for my 2005 Vette. Its going to be in a open garage but it has a roof over it just no walls. I just want something to keep it protected when it rains etc Thanks
  4. J

    Competiton Rims

    How many C6's were made with these rims on them. I stumbled across them the other day on a vette and must say they look pretty sinster on a red vette
  5. J

    Corvette z06 5th fastest car in America

    Never Heard of the 1st 2 but have heard of the saleen http://www.forbes.com/2005/11/23/cx_dl_1128featslide_9.html?thisSpeed=35000
  6. J

    Police Impala

    Does Anybody know if the Impalas have the air pressure sensors like the corvette. I just got my new hand me down an had to replace the rim and tire and now it says low tire pressure all the time when all the tire pressures are good any ideas or suggestions?
  7. J

    Door Locks

    When I use my Keyless Entry to get in my 2000 C5, Recently my drivers side door will not unlock and then when I park it and pull the key out of the ignition it still does not unlock. Any sugestions? Do I need to have it reprogramed or is it something in the door lock mechanism on the drivers...
  8. J

    2000 C5 Climate Contol

    Wanted C5 Climate Contol I bought Mine with the climate control not working and did a we owe with the dealership but stupid me never went back and let it expire. Does anyone know where to get one on the internet besides ebay. Im working off a cops budget so I cant spend a arm and a leg Any...
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