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    '75 Rough Idle when in gear

    Hey everyone. I did a search of the threads and didn't find too much to help, figured I'd ask. Sorry, once again, for the essay but I figured if you wanted to help I'd try to give you all the info I could. I was driving home a few weeks ago, 12 miles to and from work. On the way back about a...
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    Replacing '75 parts with '96

    So, a couple years back I found a flood-damaged '96 coupe on Craigslist for a reasonable price; it was flood damaged and the owner had a donor electrical system but did not want to go through the hassle of the repair. My father purchased it, and since that day it has sat in the driveway, except...
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    Help! Identifying a piece on/in the hood

    I was re-attaching the grill to the front of my hood today (near the windshield) and as I was putting in that plastic screen that fits between the fiberglass of the hood and the inside of the hood (guess air box?) I noticed some type of door. It stretches across the middle (rise) of the hood...
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    Question: Ignition timing on a '75

    I've gotten lots of helpful advice here before, was hoping for some more. My '75 L-48 (before I go on, I know its the lowest performance engine EVER, I know you can't get much more power out of it, but I can't afford a new engine right now, and don't want to messw with the internals on this...
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    Question/Rant on Replacement emblems

    Can anyone who bought replacement emblems for their car (mine's a '75) tell me where they got them, IF they had good quality replacements, and where to avoid? I bought a hood and gas door emblem from Ecklers, manufacturer Trim Parts, and the sun caused the plastic to curl up and crackle within...
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    Upgraded to headers... New Intake Manifold next?

    I've got a '75 L-48, engine's all stock but I just replaced the exhaust manifolds with Hedman Hedders ending in glasspacks, and no cats so its pretty free-flowing. I've heard that when you do headers you should do them alongside a larger intake manifold, I guess to "compliment" the increased...
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    Repainting a '75... Color?

    I've got to repaint my White '75. I've heard numerous times that it seems all of the mid-'70's are white (just saw one today, and my brother-in-law's '77 is white). I was at a show recently and saw the C-6's with the Arctic White, I believe it's called; very distinct looking. Anyone see a C-3...
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    Cherry Bomb muffler or similar?

    Anyone using Cherry Bomb Glasspacks or a similar type of muffler on their vette? What do you think of the sound, or do you know of a better brand? I had to replace my sidepipes (new headers didnt allow for them) and I'm looking to get a similar sound. No Cats and I just added Hedman Hedders Thanks
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    Adjustable Suspension

    I was wondering if anyone put any form of adjustable suspension in their car (like air shocks). My problem is, with the sidepipes my car usually grinds on most speedbumps, always if there's a passenger. I need to replace the shocks anyway, and so figured if I could get adjustable shocks where...
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    Dash Pad speakers in a '75 T-top

    Has anyone changed the two speakers located in the dash? The car is 33 years old, so I assume they both just died. If you have, could you tell me how difficult it is to get at them? I'd rather not take the whole dash apart just to replace them. And its a new radio which does work (I put a...
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    Fuel-Injection on a '75?

    I've found these forums to be very helpful. I had a question regarding fuel injection conversion on a C3, in my case the '75. On another form someone mentioned getting a TPI manifold from a 85-91, wiring harness, and chip to pretty much have it running like a C4. The only modification I have to...
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    You're views on a electric-powered Corvette?

    Don't get me wrong; I love the sound my Corvette puts out and get compliments all the time, and I'd NEVER consider swapping out an existing engine for electric. I was walking through a parking lot recently, and noticed a car going along putting out an odd humming sound, and I noticed it was...
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    Which years identical to '96?

    I had a question about the 1996. Which years in the C4-generation are closest to it? I'm pretty sure it's 93-96. I have a 1996 flood car, electrical is shot but the body and interior are in very good shape. Installing the electrical is a nightmare. We were hoping on finding a similar car (maybe...
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    Question: Stock Q-Jet or Edelbrock

    Ok, I have a question which was probably answered many times before, but I'm new to posting here so bear with me! We restored my '75 L-48, interior and exterior; we got lucky with the mechanical, not much to do. The car sat for about 12 years, and just needed a fuel pump to get it started. Then...
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